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FUNBABY® Clear Pink Glitter Unicorn

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Unicorns do exist for you and your baby! Experience all the glitter dreams this FUNBABY Unicorn offers and your little one kicks and splashes. Dual handles on the Unicorn’s neck help your baby hold on as your play motorboat in the water with them! 

Parent must be in the water with the child at all times. 

Read all product warnings and manual prior to use. WARNING! This is not a lifesaving device. Never leave children unattended while device is in use or near water. Always remove from water after use. Ages 1-2. 

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  • Interactive steering wheels with horns for added sensory play
  • Removable shade
  • Dual Chambers and air safety valves for added protection.
  • Deep saddle seats with comfy leg holes and integrated backrests.
  • 3rd party accredited lab tested materials.
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  • Age 12 - 24 months. Read the entire owners manual prior to use!
  • Weight Capacity: 33 Pounds
  • This is not a lifesaving device.
  • Never leave a child unattended while the device is in use or in water.
  • Must be within arms reach of child while the device is in use.
  • Remove from water after each use.
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