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Houndstooth Winter Sleigh Snow Sled - 2 Pack

SAVE WHEN YOU BUY A 2 PACK! The FUNBOY Houndstooth Winter Snow Sleigh brings the best in sledding and snow play for winter 2021. Paying homage to classic winter sleighs, FUNBOY has reimagined winter FUN to deliver the best sledding experience.


    1. Sleigh all day this winter!
    2. Reinforced Rubber Base.
    3. Air cushioned ride.
    4. Reinforced materials withstand -25 degrees.
    5. Holds 2 people or 250 LBS.
    6. Hand pull rope, dual handles. Inflates/deflates in minutes.
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    1. Age 14+. Read entire owners manual and product warnings prior to each use.
    2. Use of this product and participation in the sport involves inherent risks of injury and death.
    3. Use at your own risk. This product has no breaking or steering.
    4. Always wear safety goggles and a helmet during use.
    5. Not a lifesaving device. Do not use in a pool or in water.