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2 Chaise Lounger Bundle + Connection Cooler

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FUNBOY’s Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger Pool Float - 2 pack & connection cooler creates the ultimate relaxation floating experience.  Configure your float loungers and connect to the cooler using one of the cooler's six connection points. 
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  • Includes 2 Rainbow Chaise Loungers + the cooler
  • Tri-color vibrant clear pink, orange and yellow colors to add a trifecta of color to any scene.
  • Reinforced cup holder keeps your drink firmly in-place.
  • Tether point to secure your FUNBOY to the dock, boat or any stationary object!
  • Inflates and deflates in under 2 mins!
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  • Age 14+. Read entire owners manual prior to use!
  • Not a lifesaving device, swimmers only!
  • No protection against drowning.
  • Always ensure float is attached/tethered to a stationary object.
  • Do not use in offshore wind or current.
  • Do not dive or jump. Do not swim underneath.
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