Live your life in technicolor with this vibrant collection of all of FUNBOY’s most colorful favorites. Includes the FUNBOY Rainbow Cloud Daybed, Rainbow Unicorn, Rainbow Beach Towel, Rainbow Cloud Floating Bar, Rainbow Trip Tube Float, and the Rainbow Unicorn Drink Holder. Get your shades ready - with these rainbows, there’s not a single raincloud in sight.

          1. FUNBOY original & patented limited edition designs
          2. Each float inflates in <5 minutes (w/ hair dryer (cold) or electric pump)
          3. Available exclusively on FUNBOY.com
          4. Each FUNBOY float purchase provides one person one year of clean drinking water.
          1. FREE shipping available for all continental US orders over $99
          2. Expedited orders placed before 11am PST will ship same day. Ground orders ship within 48 hours.
          3. Fast worldwide shipping available (customer is responsible for any duties/taxes. See full FAQ HERE)
          1. Ages 14+
          2. Love your FUNBOY and it will love you back! See our full care section HERE
          3. Swimmers Only! No protection against drowning!


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