FUNBOY X Donald Mermaid Triple Tails

Three (3) Mermaid Mermaid Tail Bobbers to create your own dancing mermaid oasis. Each float is over 3 ft. tall and designed to stay upright and bob endlessly. Oversized and painted with bright neon by "Fashion's favorite artist" Donald Robertson. Features pink and blue sides for endless summer bliss.

"You can literally have a synchronized pool of floating mermaid tails for your own personal outdoor exhibit" - DONALD

About the artist: Donald Robertson (best known on Instagram as @drawbertson) is a Toronto-born/LA & New York- based artist whose prolific career spans decades and industries. Robertson was nominated by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) as "Instagrammer of the year."  

          1. Includes three (3) Mermaid Tail Bobbers
          2. Original & limited edition artwork design by Donald Robertson
          3. Patented limited edition float
          4. Screen printed by hand
          5. Over 3’ tall
          6. Base fills with water for upright floating effect
          7. Available exclusively on
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          1. Ages 14+
          2. Love your FUNBOY and it will love you back! See our full care section HERE
          3. Swimmers Only! No protection against drowning!


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