Retro Palm Convertible

NEW for 2019! The Retro Palm Convertible brings your vintage car dreams to life. Adorned with a custom palm print interior daybed and custom seafoam green high-gloss paint job - this beauty has been restored to original condition for your 2019 road trip. Enjoy the journey and the ride that gets you there.
    1. Queen sized daybed for two
    2. Massive front cooler for ice, drinks, speakers & more (never use glass in a pool)
    3. Dual cupholders
    4. Reinforced cup holder keeps your drink firmly in-place.
    5. Tether point to secure your FUNBOY to the dock, boat or any stationary object!
    6. Inflates and deflates in under 2 mins!
    1. FREE ground shipping available for all continental US orders over $149.
    2. $6 FedEx Ground shipping & processing fee for orders under $149.
    3. Ship Times: Orders ship from Santa Ana, CA. FedEx Ground Ship time to East Coast is approximately 5 business days. Please account for below processing times. Expedited shipping does not include Saturday delivery. 
    4. Processing Times: FUNBOY processes orders M-F. Expedited orders placed before 11am PST will ship same day. Ground orders ship within 48 hours (business days). 
    5. Fast worldwide shipping available (customer is responsible for any duties/taxes. See full FAQ HERE)
    1. Size: 105" x 59" x 13"
    2. 2 person capacity
    3. Age 14+
    4. Phthalate free PVC
    1. Age 14+. Read entire owners manual prior to use!
    2. Not a lifesaving device, swimmers only!
    3. No protection against drowning.
    4. Alway ensure float is attached/tethered to a stationary object.
    5. Do not use in offshore wind or current.
    6. Do not dive or jump. Do not swim underneath.