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Our Cause

FUNBOY supports the right to access clean and safe drinking water. Each FUNBOY Inflatable Pool Toy provides one person in the developing world with one year of access to clean drinking water through charity partner RainCatcher.  


FUNBOY World Water Day

In honor of World Water Day, FUNBOY will provide two years of clean drinking water for every purchase made this week. Help us drive awareness by taking over social media to spread awareness:

  1. Screenshot and share our above photo (also available on our Instagram)
  2. Tag @FUNBOYlife in the photo and captain, and hashtag #givewater #WorldWaterDay
  3. For every photos shared, FUNBOY will donate one-year of clean drinking water
  4. Or donate directly to our charity partner, RainCatcher


FUNBOY - Raincatcher

Why Water:

As children we played in it and learned to swim in it. Water is foundational, a necessity, crucial to our daily lives and yet as a resource, often overlooked.

For us, it was simple - how are we so lucky to play in water when 1 billion people across the world don’t have access to clean drinking water? It just seemed wrong.

FUNBOY decided to help and make it easy for you to join in. With the help of our partner non-profit, RainCatcher, we bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations by harvesting rainwater. Learn more.

Help us spread the word.