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15 Beach Games to Play with Kids & Adults

October 07, 2020 6 min read

A white sandy beach is a coveted place for people of all ages. Taking in the fresh breeze, relaxing with a good book, splashing in the salty waves, and watching the tides shift as the sun sets over the horizon are just a few of the beach's simple joys. No matter how old you are, when the weather gets warm, the beach has something for everything.

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For many, a day in the salty water is a summertime rite of passage. Nothing is better than getting kissed by the sun and feeling the warm sand seep in between your toes. To make your beach adventure a tremendous and unforgettable one, we've rounded up a list of 15 fun beach games that you can play with the kids or your pals. So slip on your swimsuit, slather on some sunscreen, and keep reading. Let's head to the beach!  

Water Bucket Relay 

Who doesn't love a good relay? And what better place to try it than at the beach! While the traditional old egg and spoon race can be done, it doesn't hurt to try something new— a water bucket relay. For this exciting game, you'll need a large shell that you'll use to scoop up water from the sea. Then, take your shell and run to a designated bucket to fill it while trying to minimize spilling any seawater. Everyone will love the challenge as this game requires both control and speed to go as fast as possible while minimizing the loss of seawater. The first to fill their bucket is the winner. 

Beach Scavenger Hunt 

The beach is full of hidden gems and treasures. If your pint-sized pirate isn't quite ready for ocean exploration, then a land-based treasure or scavenger hunt is an exceptional way to spend the afternoon. Start the day off with easy-to-locate items and slowly work your way toward more obscure finds. Some of the items you can have your little ones find are seashells, feathers, a piece of seaweed, and different colored rocks. If you're playing with your pals rather than the tiny tots, be sure to up the difficulty.  

Beach Limbo

How low can you go? The objective of this popular game is to simply pass under a limbo stick - or something you can easily use as a limbo stick - without touching it in any way. Ideally, six players are needed for this game with three on each team. If you touch the stick or fall, you're disqualified. As the game goes on, the stick is placed lower and lower to the ground to increase the difficulty. 

Beach Bowling 

Who says you have to go to the local bowling alley to knock down some pins? Create your very own beach bowling lanes right on the sand! To make the "lane," simply flatten out several feet of sand (how long you make the lane is up to you) and, at the end, use wet sand to mold ten small bowling pins. Then, take turns rolling a small-to-medium-sized rubber ball down the "lane" and see who can get the highest score. 


Nothing beats good-old digging in the sand! The digging game, also known as "How deep can you go," is a classic. The rule of this game is simple: take a shovel or use your hands and dig as deep as you can. Set a timer and whoever digs the deepest hole is the winner.

Beach Frisbee Golf

Substitute a simple game of frisbee with frisbee golf! Set up easy targets using items you brought to the beach like your beach towel, FUNBOY Retro Lawn Chair, umbrella, or you could even dig a hole in the sand to aim at. Take turns throwing the frisbee, trying to get as close to the targets as you can. Make sure the little ones are allowed to stand closer to the targets than the older kids to keep frustration levels and tantrums at a minimum.

Beach Volleyball

The more, the merrier! If you have a big group heading out to the beach, why not play volleyball? You can always go with real volleyball as most beaches will have a net set up for free use. If not, don't let it put a damper on your beach fun. You can always improvise with towels. Try to count the number of times you can toss the ball back and forth without touching the ground. 

Tug of War, Beach Style 

Tug of war is a classic and should definitely be included in your day of beach fun! Using a jump rope or towels tied together, stand close to the water and divide everyone into two teams. Make sure the middle of the rope is right over a line drawn in the sand. Hand the ends of the rope to each team, and whichever team pulls the other team over the line first wins. 

Play A Beached-Themed Game 

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The sand provides the ultimate "chalkboard" upon which you can play classic games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, or even Pictionary! To get everyone really immersed in their sandy surrounding, start a game of "I Spy." Polish it off with a round of beach-themed charades, hopscotch, or play musical beach towels (a beachy twist on the classic game of musical chairs). 

Hot Potato

Hot potato, hot potato - who doesn't love an exciting game of hot potato! Start this clever beach game with everyone sitting in a circle. Play some tunes and pass the beach ball to the person on your right. The ball continues to go round counterclockwise until the music stops. The player holding the beach ball when the music pauses is out of the game. The winner is the remaining player at the end of the game when everyone else is out. 

Beach Beer Pong 

Ah, good ol' beer pong! Although this game can be played by two individuals, it's generally played with a big group and is a great beach party game for adults. Split the gang into two teams. Twenty cups, two ping pong balls, and a long surface like a foldable table are needed. Each team gets ten cups and must set them up in the shape of a triangle at each table’s end. Each team then takes a turn tossing their ball with the aim of landing it into one of the opposing cups filled with everyone's favorite beer. If a player manages to land a ball in the cup, one member of the opposing team must remove it and drink the contents. The game continues until one team has no cups remaining, losing the game. Happy drinking! 

Build A Sandman 

It gets hot in the summer. Like really hot. With that in mind, it's obviously not the season to build a snowman. But why let winter have all the fun? Be ready to make Frosty's cousin: The sandman! You have all the sand you need right at your fingertips. As for the eyes and mouth, the beach is adorned with pebbles and shells. Finish him off with some cool shades and watch your sandman come to life. 

Balance The Boogie Board 

For this fun game, all you'll need is a boogie board. Have everyone line up close to the edge of the water. Then, stand on your boogie board with all of your backs facing the ocean. The waves will come, and everyone will have to balance against the waves without seeing them. The winner will be the one who is able to keep their balance the longest. Don't have a boogie board? A large pool float will work, too. Our favorite is the dreamy Rainbow Cloud Daybed Float that features over 50 square feet of lounging paradise. Perfect for getting your balance on!

Beach Obstacle Course 

Let your imagination soar and create a fun beach obstacle course with whatever you have on hand. An umbrella suspended between two beach chairs to jump over, towels to hop on, a sandcastle to run around. Take turns running the course and see who can complete it the fastest. 

Beach DodgeBall 

A game that is sure to tucker everyone out— beach dodgeball! This summer game is a hoot and involves chasing a beach ball as well as avoiding it. Begin by throwing the ball into the air. Someone grabs the beach ball and has five seconds to throw it to hit another player. If someone gets hit, they sit down in the sand. The beach ball can now be grabbed by any other player. Those sitting can grab the beach ball too if it comes near them and throw it at any player that is still standing. If they manage to hit someone, they can stand up and get back into the game, but if they get hit again, they must sit back down.



The beach is, without a doubt, one of the best places to be when the summer season starts. If you're looking to spice up your salty adventure this year, look no further and try one of the 15 fun beach games listed above. Whether you want to test your balancing skills on your favorite FUNBOY float in the water or hunt for seashells, rocks, and feathers, any one of these fun beach games is sure to make your trip an unforgettable one.


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