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Who we are

Funboy was born from a deep appreciation for unbridled joy - and the restorative powers of  truly kicking back, unplugging, and letting loose. Five years in, and we're as  committed as ever to making your downtime our priority.

We launched with pool floats (the ones seen all over Instagram? Yeah, that was us) and have since cast our net wide to include all sorts of summer accessories. We now offer everything from Beach Towels to Retro Beach Chairs and Aqua Water Mist Spray - and recently introduced Inflatable Shotskis and Inflatable Snowmobile Sleds for the aprés enthusiasts among us. In other words: Playful essentials you may have never knew you needed, but that make your time off that much more enjoyable.

As the brainchild of two brothers and their wives, Funboy is, at its core, a family business - and we like to think of our customers as one of our own. We're based out of Venice Beach, California and oversee our designs every step of the way - from the initial sketches to prototypes (which we dutifully and eagerly test out) up until the final product. And we've taken considerate steps to minimize out carbon footprint too. In short, we put immense thought, time, and love into each and every one of our pieces so that you can heartily enjoy them without a second thought.

Enormous consideration, thought, & research goes into the design & manufacturing of each of our products.

Why Funboy?

Over the past five years, we've scoured the globe to find the best factories. Ours, which are located in America and outside the U.S., practice responsible manufacturing, pay fair wages, and abide by professional workplace code of conducts. They're also rigorously audited by accredited 3rd party global testing labs to ensure worker safety.

All Funboy materials are independently tested to ensure they're free of any and all harmful chemicals. And to avoid excess waste wherever possible, our materials - much like our products, as a whole - are built to last.

Funboy is not your average mass-market pool float purveyor; ours is a family business.

Everything we do here comes from the heart -

we believe this level of attention & care is

reflected in the finished products.


Sustainability is not something we take lightly - nor is it a term we like to throw around thoughtlessly, without real evidence to back it up.

At Funboy, we're continuously working towards our ultimate goal of adopting an entirely sustainable business model. We're not perfect, but we are constantly researching and innovating our materials, production, and quality. Below are just some of the recent measures we've taken to help us get even closer to that goal:

Compared to the average pool float, ours are fashioned from far thicker and more durable materials. Add to that our rapid inflate-deflate valves, and the result is longer-lasting designs that you can easily store during the off-season. Say goodbye to single use, one-summer-and-done pool floats.

We take out responsibility to the environment seriously. All of our materials are free from AZO dyes (synthetic colorants that have been linked to carcinogens), 10 harmful phthalates (which are commonly used as plasticizers in textile printing and have been linked to certain cancers and adult obesity) , and lead-tainted products.

We're also working towards a closed-loop manufacturing model. All scraps from production that would otherwise end up in landfills are used to make additional products. In 2019, we introduced recyclable packaging, and plan to make all of our packaging recyclable by 2021.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we operate a paperless business and implement remote work policies whenever possible.

Since our 2015 inception, we've worked with charities to provide over 10,000 people with one year's worth of clean drinking water.

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