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30A Florida: The Ultimate Guide to Florida's Secret

May 17, 2024 6 min read

You're lounging on a sun-soaked beach, the kind of secret paradise that whispers of endless summer days, crystal-clear waters, and skies so blue they rival the color of your latest FUNBOY float. Welcome to 30A Florida — a hidden gem tucked away in the Sunshine State, where the vibe is as laid-back as a hammock swaying in the breeze. 

At FUNBOY, we're all about immersing ourselves in life's greatest pleasures and making every moment Insta-worthy. 30A is our playground, where we bring our wildest, most vibrant float dreams to life. Let’s chat about Florida's best-kept secret.

What Is 30A Florida?

30A isn't just a road — it's a lifestyle. Nestled along the Gulf Coast, this scenic highway is the heartline to a string of beach communities that redefine the essence of Florida living:

  • Seaside Charm: Think picture-perfect postcards come to life. It's where pastel houses meet gourmet food trucks, and sunsets are an event of their own.
  • Eco-friendly Adventures: Dune lakes and state parks offer a playground for the nature enthusiast and the eco-conscious traveler.
  • Art and Soul: From quirky art galleries to outdoor concerts, creativity flows as freely as the cocktails.
  • Upscale Yet Unpretentious: Luxury meets simplicity here. It's where you can sip champagne on a beachside porch without a care.

Where Is 30A?

Perched in the sun-kissed curves of the Florida Panhandle, 30A is an escape to a world where the turquoise luxury of the Gulf of Mexico meets the soft, sugar-white sands. This enchanted strip zigzags through the heart of the Emerald Coast — a picturesque jewel tucked between Destin's vibrant energy and Panama City Beach's sprawling beaches.

Getting here is also a breeze. With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, you might fly into the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport or touchdown at Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport. 

From there, the journey to 30A is a pretty drive. It’s a winding road through old Florida landscapes, past dune lakes, and beneath oak and pine canopies. It's a route that seems to slow time itself, preparing you to soak in every second of 30A's laid-back pleasure.

So, whether you're coming from afar or just a hop away, finding 30A is like uncovering a hidden chapter of Florida — a place where every sunset promises another perfect day.

What Are the Communities of 30A?

Jumping into road 30A feels like flipping through the coolest, most chill magazine you've ever seen. Each community along this stretch has its flavor, vibe, and little quirks that make it stand out. 

Let's discuss some of the stars of the show:


Ah, Seaside. It’s the OG of 30A, where those iconic pastel rooftops dot the landscape like candies. It's where you can ditch the car and bike everywhere, from a quick jaunt to the quirky local bookstore to a lazy afternoon spent chilling with a cold one from a beachfront food stand. 

Sunsets here? Unreal. They turn the sky into a canvas that would make even the most serious person want to snap a pic. You might also recognize Seaside from ‘The Truman Show’, the classic starring Jim Carrey.

Rosemary Beach

Next up, Rosemary Beach, where it feels like you've stepped into a chic European village that just happens to be on the Florida coast. It's all elegance and style here, from the beautifully designed beach homes to the lush green spaces that invite you for a leisurely stroll or a fancy picnic. 

The atmosphere is a little upscale but in a cool, inviting way. You can spend your day exploring hidden courtyards, sipping espresso at a stylish café, or perusing one of the boutique shops.

Alys Beach

Then there's Alys Beach, the hip, minimalist cousin in the 30A family. With its all-white buildings and striking architecture, it's like stepping into a future where everything is clean, serene, and stunningly beautiful. 

The tone here is peaceful, with zen gardens, reflective pools, and art pieces that make you think. Even the fitness trails are designed to inspire, winding through the beach town and offering glimpses of the Gulf's turquoise waters.

Grayton Beach

Can't forget about Grayton Beach, the laid-back, artsy soul of 30A. It's where you go to let your hair down and embrace the bohemian spirit. Think live music pouring out of dive bars, eclectic art galleries, and a come-as-you-are attitude that's as refreshing as the ocean breeze. 

The Red Bar is pretty much an institution here — a must-visit for anyone looking to soak in the local flavor.


WaterColor mixes luxury with the laid-back beach life vibe of 30A perfectly. It's family-friendly to the max, with sprawling houses, crystal-clear pools, and easy access to one of the most beautiful beaches around. 

It's not just about chilling — it's about doing it in style. Kayaking, paddleboarding, or just lounging on the beach, WaterColor has it all but with a touch of class. 

For those who enjoy taking the boat for a spin, WaterColor is the community for you. If you’re looking for a boating adventure without losing the ability to lounge, our inflatable floating islands let you bring your lounging off the coast, easily connecting to your boat with comfortable cushioning and colorful charm.

Santa Rosa Beach

Last but not least, Santa Rosa Beach offers a blend of old Florida charm with a sprinkle of new-age luxury. It's a little slice of paradise where you can indulge in the finer things in life without losing that down-to-earth feel 30A is loved for. 

Art galleries, fancy restaurants, and some of the most stunning beach vistas around make Santa Rosa Beach a top pick for those who love their beach getaways with a side of sophistication.

What Are Some Essential Tips for Your 30A Adventure?

Diving into 30A is like opening a treasure chest of endless sun, fun, and memories waiting to be made. However, even treasure hunters need a map. 

Here are some golden tips to ensure your 30A adventure is nothing short of legendary:

Discover the Right Spot for You

30A is dotted with a variety of stay options, from cozy condos in Seagrove Beach to spacious vacation rentals in South Walton. Want to wake up to the sound of waves at a beachfront property? Or perhaps a quiet, leafy retreat in Blue Mountain Beach is more your style. There's a perfect spot for everyone — just make sure to book early, especially during peak season.

Plan for Beach Bliss

Scenic Highway 30A is famous for its easy beach access points, leading you to some of the most stunning white sand beaches you'll ever see. Public beach access in Inlet Beach or Grayton Beach State Park offers a slice of the shoreline and amenities like showers and restrooms. Remember, the early bird catches the serene beach spots!

Make a Splash with FUNBOY

No beach vacation is complete without a FUNBOY float. You can be on a Clear Pink Glitter Flamingo, drifting lazily in the crystal-clear waters of 30A beach, or lounging in style at your vacation rental pool. It's not just a float — it's your ticket to relaxation and envy-worthy Instagram posts.

Tee Off in Paradise

If hitting the links is your idea of a perfect day, you're in luck. 30A boasts some gorgeous golf courses where you can enjoy the game amidst South Walton's natural beauty. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just looking for a fun day out, there's a course here with your name on it.

Explore Like a Local

From the farmers' markets of Seagrove Beach to the art galleries and live music venues scattered along 30A, a rich local culture is waiting to be explored. Don't just stick to the tourist trails — ask the locals, visit a hidden gem restaurant, or catch a sunset concert. It's these moments that turn a good vacation into an unforgettable one.

Always Be Prepared

Sunscreen, hats, and water bottles are a must on your 30A adventure. However, don't forget the little things that make a big difference. A waterproof phone case to capture those waterlogged memories, beach toys for the kids (or the young at heart), and a couple of our luxury beach towels to wrap up a perfect day by the sea.

A Final Word

Head out on your 30A adventure with FUNBOY by your side, where every moment is a dive into the extraordinary. From Seaside's cozy charm to the elegance of Rosemary Beach, 30A is more than a destination — it's a lifestyle. 

Check out our line of floats to make each beach day unforgettable. 


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