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North Shore Surfer Girl: Honoula Blomfield

July 22, 2015 2 min read


FUNBOY White Swan

Honolua on the FUNBOY White Swan Pool Float

We caught up with Honolua Blomfield in her hometown, Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu. At 16, she's sponsored by O'Neill and one of the top under 18 longboarders in the world. So far, she's won competitions such as the ISA Longboard Champion in Peru (2013), the Duke OceanFest Waikiki (2013), and for the past three years, the U18 Longboard division at the MSA Classic.  She's as gorgeous as she is cool and we loved shooting her on our FUNBOY floats. For more Honolua, follow her on Instagram and watch the BTS Video from our shoot. 

Honolua Blomfield

Photo Credit: Honolua Blomfield

What is your first surfing memory?
Surfing on the front of my moms board at age 3.
Honolua on the FUNBOY Pegasus Pool Float


Scariest Wave you've ever surfed?

The scariest wave I ever surfed would have to be a 5-footer at Pipeline/Backdoor this winter.  I pulled into the barrel and it closed, I got sucked over the falls and slammed on the reef.

Surfer riding an ocean wave


Photo Credit: Honolua Blomfield

Explain how one longboards backwards?

I don't really know.  It just comes naturally to me.  I walk to the nose like a regular hang 5, or 10 and turn around and perch there for a few seconds.

Who is your surfer "boy crush?"

Theres a ton! If i had to choose one it'd probably be Craig Anderson.

Favorite place to surf?

My favorite place to surf is Sunset Beach or Backdoor.  I can't really choose between the two.

Honolua on the FUNBOY Pegasus Pool Float


Honolua on the FUNBOY Pegasus Pool Float

Tell us about working in O'Neill.

I started working with O'Neill in 5th grade.  My crush at the time told his aunty he had this, "pretty surfer girl that she should meet."  I met her, she loved me and sponsored me.  Here I am 6 years later with the same sponsor!  Pretty cheesy and ironic but I'm not complaining!

If you could be a FUNBOY float, which float would you be and why?

I would be the Black Swan float no doubt.  I cant explain but its just so me!

Two women on the beach

Photo Credit: Honolua Blomfield

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