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FUNBOY x The Parker Palm Springs Hotel

October 18, 2015 1 min read

FUNBOY x The Parker Palm Springs

FUNBOY at the Parker Palm Springs



The Arrival

The drama of the city slowly starts to dissipate. The road begins to wind up into the open sky along the 60 highway. Palm Springs is our destination. It’s 110 degrees fahrenheit and I can already feel the hot desert heat upon my skin. It burns and we smile.


FUNBOY x The Parker Hotel Palm Springs

As my mind begins to drift across the vast desert I notice a Flamingo head popping out of the Uber behind us. That would be our luggage. An SUV filled to the brim with Flamingos, Swans, and even a Pegasus. Our companions for the weekend as we float and melt into a bronzed abyss.

FUNBOY Luxury Pool Flaots

The sun slowly begins to fade behind the San Jacinto mountains as we arrive into Palm Springs. Dust and rock are quickly replaced by lush palms and a tropical desert oasis. As we pull into the grounds ofThe Parker Palm Springs Hotel, we see them. Three handsome men, groomed to perfection and donning crisp jet black tuxedos. Our friends atManservants hand selected the gentlemen to wait on our every beck and call.

 Ready to check-in and check-out, we step out of the car, full bikini mode. Have you ever seen two models get out of an SUV followed by three Manservants and a bell hop line of luxury floats? Weekend on fleek, floats on point, the heat is palpable...

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