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10 Awesome Sled Games to Play With Your Kids This Winter

January 31, 2024 5 min read

Winter wonderland, here we come! There’s something undeniably thrilling about racing down a snowy hill, feeling the crisp air, and sharing laughs with your kids. Sledding isn’t just a winter activity — it's a ticket to a world of exhilaration and fun. 

It's all about turning those chilly days into heartwarming memories that stick longer than the snow on your boots. And while any sled might do for a downhill dash, adding a bit of FUNBOY flair can transform a simple slide into an epic adventure. 

We're here to make sure every snowy slope becomes a stage for unforgettable fun. So let’s dive into 10 sled games to play with your little ones!

1. Treasure Hunt on Sleds

Let's take the classic treasure hunt and give it a frosty twist. Scatter some 'treasures' — think shiny baubles or winter-themed trinkets — around your snowy landscape. The mission for the kids is to zoom around on their sleds and collect them. 

Our Super Clear™ Snowmobile Sled is perfect for this adventure. Its transparent design looks cool and gives a clear view of the treasures hidden in the snow. It's like being a sleuth on a sled, uncovering hidden gems while gliding over the snow.

2. Sled Tug-of-War

Ever tried tug-of-war on snow? This game takes the muscle and adds a glide! Two teams, each on their sleds, grab opposite ends of a long rope. The goal? Pull the other team across a line in the snow. It’s a hilarious blend of strength, strategy, and the inevitable tumble into the snow. 

For this, you’ll want a sled that’s sturdy and can handle a bit of rough play — and we’ve got just the ticket! Our Happy Face Snowmobile Sled brings happiness to the wintery showdown. Designed to keep balance in check during the snowy pulls and tugs, this sled is a champ when it comes to bracing the chilly challenge.

Whichever team manages to stay on the sled has the upper hand in this frosty feat of strength!

3. Snowy Slope Artistry

One for the creative souls! Have your kids draw imaginative tracks in the snow with their sleds as they descend. From swirls to zig-zags, every line in the snow becomes a part of a grand snowy masterpiece. The best part? The canvas resets with every fresh snowfall, ready for a new day of artistic adventures.

Our Candy Striped Snow Tube is perfect for this frosty exercise, with a design that carves out clearly visible patterns in the snow. But the fun doesn't stop at the drawing. Little ones can connect the dots, tracing and retracing the paths they’ve carved for a whole new adventure.

4. Frosted Musical Sleds

Music and sledding? Yes, please! In this lively game, reminiscent of musical chairs, kids sled around a set of markers as music plays. When the music stops, everyone rushes to a marker. 

The twist? There’s always one marker less than the number of players. The one left standing becomes the next DJ! It's a whirl of laughter, quick decisions, and snowy landings. Our Metallic Champagne Toboggan Sled is perfect for this game, adding a touch of sparkle to the snowy dance floor.

5. Sled Pictionary

Who knew drawing could be this fun... and cold? In Sled Pictionary, one kiddo draws a simple image or word in the snow using their sled, while others guess what it is. It's a test of creativity and sledding skills as they attempt to carve discernible shapes in the snow. 

Known for its ultra-smooth glide, our Winter Wave Snow Toboggan makes it easier for little artists to create their snowy sketches. Get ready to guess what's being drawn in this chilly, charade-like game!

6. Snowmobile Safari

Time to go on a winter wildlife adventure right in your backyard. Set up stuffed animals or cutouts of different animals around the yard. Kids can embark on a safari, sledding from one animal to the next, trying to identify them. 

With its capacity for two, our Nordic Snow Sleigh Sled is ideal for sibling explorers or a parent-child team. It's a fun way to combine outdoor activity with a bit of learning — all while zooming through the snow on a safari mission.

Any Tips to Level Up the Winter Fun?

Making your sled games exciting and memorable goes beyond choosing the right game or the perfect sled. Here are a few extra tips to enhance the fun and safety of your games:

Keeping the Fun Safe and Sound

Safety first, fun always! While sledding is all about the thrills, ensuring everyone stays safe is key. Make sure the kids wear helmets, especially during games like downhill races or obstacle courses. A little padding goes a long way in keeping the day injury-free. Remember, safer sledding means more days of fun!

Dressing for Success

Layer up! Dressing in warm, waterproof clothing keeps the cold at bay and the spirits high. Avoid scarves or any loose clothing that could get caught during sledding activities. And don't forget those waterproof gloves — they're essential for staying warm and dry, especially when building snow ramps or crafting icy masterpieces.

Choosing the Right Spot

Location, location, location! Pick a sledding spot that's free of obstacles like trees, fences, or bodies of water. A good sledding hill has a gentle slope and a long, flat area at the bottom for slowing down and stopping safely. Remember, no cars or roads nearby for ultimate safety.

Hydration and Snacks

Sledding is more than just fun — it's a workout! Keep the kids hydrated with warm drinks like hot cocoa or cider. A thermos of something warm can be a game-changer. And don't forget the snacks! Fueling up with some healthy bites keeps the energy levels up for more snowy fun.

Respect the Environment

While we're out there having a blast, let's keep in mind to respect nature. Stick to areas designated for sledding, avoid harming plant life, and always clean up before heading home. It's about leaving the snow as pristine as we found it, ready for another day of fun.

Capture the Memories

Don’t forget to capture those laughs and smiles. A waterproof camera or a phone in a protective case can help you freeze those wonderful moments in time. Share your family's winter wonderland adventures with friends, or keep them as sweet memories of the season.

Ready. Set. SLED.

As the sun sets on our snowy playtime, FUNBOY ia all about cherishing these cool moments. Whether you're racing down the hill in a thrilling sled race or laughing out loud during a game of frosted musical sleds, each snowy escapade is a chance to create unforgettable memories. 

And remember, when it comes to selecting the perfect sled for your winter escapades, we've got you covered with all the fun and stylish options you need for your next snowy adventure. So, bundle up, head out, and make the most of this winter wonderland.

Here's to making every snowflake count!


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