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Best Beach Games: How To Make The Best Of Your Day In The Sun

November 03, 2020 6 min read

Planning a beach vacation? 

If you ask us, it doesn't get much better than sitting in the sand with an ice-cold beverage and the sweet sound ofJimmy Buffet playing in the background. Of course, you'll need all the bestbeach accessories, but you'll also want to arm yourself with plenty of beach games too! From cornhole to tug-of-war and everything in between, there are fun games to keep the entire family entertained.

So, in between long walks on the beach and splashing in the waves, make the best of your day in the sun with these cool beach games:


If you're into sports, joining a game ofbeach volleyball is an excellent way to enjoy some serious fun in the summer sun while also getting in a great workout. 

Many beaches have sand volleyball courts, and the benefit of this activity is that you and your pals can likely get in on a game with other beachgoers—which is also a great way to meet new friends! 

Sand Pictionary

For tired parents looking for less-physical beach activity ideas that will keep the little ones out of mischief, Sand Pictionary is a great idea and a win, win for everyone. Find a nice shady spot under your beach umbrella, some soft sand, and a little creativity.

To play, put together a list of beach objects on separate scraps of paper (ice cream, sandcastle, crab, seagull, etc.). Fold them up and toss them in a bucket.

Set a timer for sixty seconds. Have one child pick out a piece of paper from the bucket and draw in the sand with either a stick or their finger the object that is written on it. The other kids then have to then guess what's being drawn. 

After every correct guess, the drawer then picks another piece of paper and keeps drawing as many objects as they can in the sixty-second timeframe. For each drawing that was guessed correctly by the other players, the drawer scores a point. Another player then becomes the drawer and does the same thing. 

This game can also be done in teams of two or more—the drawer from each team reads the same piece of paper and tries to get only their teammate to guess, racing against the other teams. 

Musical Beach Towel

This is exactly like the classic game of musical chairs, but the only difference is that instead of using chairs, you will be usingbeach towels. 

Bring a Bluetooth speaker and your phone to play some tunes. Once the music stops, each player will run to the beach towel that they are closest to and sit on down. Whoever doesn't get a beach towel is out! Keep playing until there's one player—the winner—left. 

For this game, we like using big cozy towels like the ones found atFUNBOY!  

Tug Of War

The beach is the perfect place for a good ol' game of tug-of-war. Aside from anything else, it is an ideal opportunity for the lads to prove that their 'beach bods' are more than just for show. And everyone just collapses into the sand at the end, so there is no risk for any nasty injuries—bonus! 

As much as it’s just a bit of fun, tug of war is also one of the best beach games for team building. If you don’t have a rope, you can always tie a few of yourFUNBOY beach towels together—but good luck trying to untie them after the battle! 

Balance On A Boogie Board

For this exciting game, all you'll need is a boogie board. Have the whole crew line up next to each other, standing in just a couple inches of water. Then, have everyone stand on their boogie boards with all of their backs facing the ocean. The waves will come, and everyone will have to balance against the waves without actually seeing them. 

The winner will be the one who is able to keep their balance the longest without tipping over. Don't have a boogie board? Never fear, a large pool float will work, too. Our favorite is the dreamyRainbow Cloud Daybed Float that features over 50 square feet of lounging paradise. 

Fly A Kite

This activity is sure to bring you back to your younger years. If you have never had the pleasure of flying a kite, you're missing out big time. If there is a little wind, pick up a kite on the way to the beach and spend some time making it soar over the water. 

Tic Tac Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is another childhood throwback game that is perfect to play at the beach. All you need is a stick to draw the board, a patch of wet sand, andvoila! You can now play tic-tac-toe—beach edition. 

Name That Tune

Since you are likely going to listen to some music at the beach, why not play your own version of 'name that tune'? All you need for this game is your phone and a Bluetooth speaker. Take turns playing little snippets of your favorite songs and have your friends guess the name of the artists and the song. The winner gets to choose the tunes for the rest of the day. 

Double Plop

This is an exciting game for the less-serious players out there. Double Plop requires no equipment—just a bunch of pebbles, rocks, or stones and the ocean to throw them into. A good grasp of the effects of gravity and a passion for absurd games also helps. 

Double Plop can be played with 2 or more friends, with the silliness rating soaring as more friends get involved. 

At the edge of the sea water, player 1 (the leader) lobs his rock at the sea. Once the rock is airborne, the other players (the followers) then throw their rock into the ocean, aiming for it to hit the water at the same time as the leaders' rock—causing a singular audible splash and thus abiding the dreaded 'double plop.'

The thrower who best synchronizes their plop with the lead rock gains a point and becomes the leader next. There are various ways to gauge whose rock is the most synchronized—honesty, a keen eye for following rocks through the air, and a good sense of judgment. But, of course, we like to heckle our way to victory, claiming superior synchronicity in every attempt. 

Bonus points are also awarded for ambitious trajectories!

Beach Frisbee Golf

Substitute a simple game of frisbee with frisbee golf! Set up easy targets using items you brought to the beach like your beach umbrella,FUNBOY Retro Lawn Chair, towels, or you could even dig a hole in the sand to aim at. 

Take turns with the gang throwing the frisbee, trying to get as close to the targets as you possibly can. If you are playing with the little ones, make sure they are allowed to stand a little closer to the targets than the older kids to keep frustration levels at a minimum. Trust us on this one. 

Beach Olympics

Ah, beach Olympics! This is an entertaining game that is sure to get everyone laughing and moving. Organize family-friendly beachside Olympic games. 

Here are some ideas to get your gears turning:

  • Set-up hurdles using the items you brought with you to the beach, like your FUNBOYtowels andlawn chairs
  • Make a balance beam in the sand
  • Use a shell for a discus throw
  • Play a round of beach volleyball
  • 20-yard dash in the sand

Beach Cornhole

Last on the list but definitely not least—beach cornhole! This is a classic game of angled boards with holes at the top and tossed bean bags. 

To play, one member of each team stands behind the boards at each end, taking turns tossing the bean bags. 1 point is awarded for a bean bag that lands on the board while landing a bag through the hole is worth 3 points. Scoring is subtractive. If you score five points in a round and your opponent scores two, you get three total points for the round. 

Keep playing rounds until one team reaches 21. 

In Conclusion 

Nothing is better than a day of fun in the sun with your besties at the beach. If you are planning your next beach day adventure, don't forget the essentials likesunscreen,towels, and of course, your favoriteFUNBOY float to relax in the waves. 

Once you've had enough relaxation soaking up the sun's rays and are ready for some serious fun, give our cool beach games listed above a try like musical beach towels and beach cornhole. These exciting games and activities are sure to keep you and your entire crew entertained at the beach for hours on end, guaranteed!


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