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10 of the Best Places To Travel With Your Kids

May 10, 2024 6 min read

Imagine a vacation where every photo is Instagram-worthy, every destination sparks wonder in your children's eyes, and every moment is filled with the kind of joy that childhood memories are made of. Traveling with kids isn't just about finding a kid-friendly restaurant or a hotel with a pool anymore. You should strive to create experiences that enrich their lives and yours.

We'll unveil the top 10 destinations that promise adventure, relaxation, and magic for families. From the sands of tropical beaches to the snow-capped mountains, get ready to explore the world through the wide eyes of your children.

Why Is Traveling Important for Families?

Oh, the places you'll go! Traveling with your mini-me squad is like flipping through a storybook, with each chapter bringing a new adventure to the table.

So, why should you turn the page with your family by your side? Here's the lowdown:

Adventure Awaits

First off, going on a family vacation is like hitting the jackpot in the fun department. Think about it: Chasing waterfalls, sledding down snowy hills, or splashing in the world's coolest kiddie pools (yeah, we're looking at you, Tropical Palm Kiddie Pool). 

These are the golden tickets to laughter and those fulfilling moments where you're all smiling so hard your cheeks hurt.

Learning on the Go

The world's a classroom. Every trip with the fam is a lesson that’s exciting to learn. From the ancient ruins that tell tales older than Grandma's fruitcake recipe to the busy markets where every spice is a new sensory overload, your kiddos are getting schooled in the coolest way possible. 

Memory Makers

Ever notice how stories of that time you all got lost in a city, only to stumble upon the best ice cream spot ever, become the stuff of legend at family gatherings? Traveling gives you stories that stick and define "remember when…" in the most awesome way. 

New Perspectives

Seeing the world through your children's eyes is like getting a front-row seat to the most wonder-filled show on Earth. Every new place teaches them (and you) a little more about the diversity and beauty of our world. It's about growing hearts and minds, one adventure at a time.

The Ultimate Bonding Experience

Sure, family game night is cool, but have you ever tried weaving through a new city together or building the world's sandiest sandcastle? These experiences bring you closer, forging bonds tighter than the air in our Malibu Barbie Pool Floats. It's about teamwork and sharing those "we did it!" moments you'll all cherish forever.

What Are the Best Places To Travel With Kids?

Ready to start your whirlwind vacation to the most kid-friendly destinations around the globe? Grab your passports and get ready for a deep dive into the heart of family fun, where the only thing brighter than the sun is the smiles on your kids' faces.

1. Maui, Hawaii

Aloha from Maui, the island where dreams of paradise become a reality. Dive into crystal clear waters to snorkel among vibrant coral reefs, take the road to Hana for breathtaking landscapes, or learn to hula at a traditional luau

Maui is a treasure island of natural beauty, where the beaches are a gateway to adventures in and out of the water. It’s a place where the spirit of aloha weaves through every experience, inviting families to connect with nature, culture, and each other in the warmth of the Hawaiian sun.

2. Banff National Park, Canada

Welcome to the majestic Rockies of Banff National Park, where turquoise lakes mirror the snow-dusted peaks, and the great outdoors is your playground. This alpine wonderland invites families to ski, skate, hike, and explore nature’s splendor at its finest. 

Ride the gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain for awe-inspiring views, paddle across Lake Louise, or simply soak in the natural hot springs. Banff is a place where nature’s grandeur offers a backdrop for stories of adventure, relaxation, and the pure joy of discovering the wild heart of Canada together.

3. Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome, and they’re all filled with the promise of adventure, history, and gelato. Step into the past at the Colosseum, make a wish at the Trevi Fountain and explore the mysteries of the Vatican. 

Rome is a feast for the senses, where art, architecture, and history are served alongside the world’s best pizza and pasta. It’s a city that invites families to walk through the pages of history, to stand where emperors and artists once stood, and to find delight in the simple pleasure of a scoop of gelato under the Italian sun.

4. Paris, France

Ah, Paris, the city where art, history, and pastry come together in a symphony of experiences that delight all ages. Stroll along the Seine, marvel at the masterpieces in the Louvre, or ascend the Eiffel Tower for breathtaking views. 

Paris is an open book of stories and secrets, from the cobblestone streets of Montmartre to the grandeur of Versailles. It's a place where kids learn the joy of discovery through the eyes of artists, kings, and revolutionaries. Let’s also not forget the magic of a fresh croissant that can turn any moment into a treasure.

5. Orlando, Florida

Cue the magic and roller coasters. Orlando is your golden ticket to a legendary family adventure. Here, fairy tales leap off the pages, and superheroes walk the streets. Jump into the splashy fun of water parks or get lost in worlds where fantasy becomes reality. Every corner promises a new thrill, a fresh laugh, and that sparkly-eyed wonder that says, "Wow, can we do that again?"

It's about those shared giggles, wide-eyed gasps, and ice cream smiles that stick longer than the Florida sunshine. So, pack your bags (and maybe a wand or two) because Orlando is where the family album goes from zero to hero. 

6. Yellowstone National Park, USA

Step into the wild at Yellowstone, America's first national park, where geysers erupt with the clockwork of nature's power and bison roam free. It's a living classroom under the vast Montana sky, offering families a chance to reconnect with the great outdoors.

From the steaming terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs to the deep blues of Yellowstone Lake, the park serves as a reminder of the earth's raw beauty and power. Hiking, camping, and wildlife watching turn into tales of adventure, where every trail leads to a discovery, teaching respect for nature and the thrill of exploration.

7. Tokyo, Japan

Buckle up for Tokyo's whirlwind of tomorrow and yesteryear. Here, neon dazzles against serene temples, and sushi comes robot-delivered. Kids transform into anime characters daily and are enchanted by Kabuki by night. Shibuya Crossing buzzes with energy, while Shinjuku Gyoen offers tranquility.

Tokyo is a unique blend, making every moment a standout story of contrasts, from cutting-edge tech to ancient traditions. It's an immersion into a vibrant, lively culture.

8. Sydney, Australia

G'day to sun, surf, and the laid-back vibes of Sydney, where the great outdoors beckons with irresistible allure. Climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge for panoramic views, learn to catch a wave at Bondi Beach, or meet the local wildlife at Taronga Zoo. 

Sydney blends beach fun with urban adventures, creating a family vacation that's as diverse as the landscapes of Australia itself. It’s a place where every day ends with a golden sunset that turns the sky into an artist's palette, promising that adventures down under are just beginning.

9. Costa Rica

Dive into Costa Rica's wild side, where adventures wait in every leafy nook and sunny beach. Zip-line through the jungle canopy, say hello to lounging sloths, and catch the waves in a surfer's paradise. 

As the sun sets, tuck your little ones into our cozy Sleepover Air Mattresses, ensuring their dreams are as lush and thrilling as their day. Costa Rica is where your family's adventurous spirits soar, and bedtime is a launchpad for tomorrow's escapades.

10. London, England

Hop across the pond for a royally good time in London, where history walks alongside the modern world. Watch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, take a spin on the London Eye, and unlock the mysteries of the Tower of London. It’s a city where every cobblestone has a story, and the double-decker buses offer rides through chapters of history, innovation, and culture. 

London's parks, museums (hello, dinosaur skeletons at the Natural History Museum!), and magical Harry Potter tours enchant both the young and the young at heart. 

The Bottom Line

Wrapping up our whirlwind tour, let's not forget the magic behind every trip: The laughter, the goofy photos, and those "no way!" moments that stick with you forever. These top 10 spots are your golden ticket to making beautiful memories with your loved ones. From Maui's waves to London's busy streets, each destination is a playground waiting to kickstart your family's next big adventure.

So, pack your bags (and maybe a FUNBOY float or two) because it's time to make memories that are as bright and bold as the spots you're about to explore. After all, the best stories come from the journey you take together.

Let's make every trip a blast, filling our albums with smiles, sun, and the fun that only comes when you're exploring with your favorite crew. To make the most of your vacation, check out our collection of FUNBOY floats.


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