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10 Creative Ideas for Your Own DIY Concession Stand

September 25, 2023 6 min read

Step right up and immerse yourself in the world of delightful delicacies and nostalgic nibbles! Concession stands are not merely about the snacks; they are portals to memories, be it a childhood carnival or a movie night under the stars. 

The aroma wafting from popcorn machines, the vibrant visuals of candies, and the sounds of sizzling treats have a way of transporting us to times of sheer joy. So, why just reminisce when you can recreate? 

With a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of DIY spirit, and a pinch of passion, you can bring these experiences right to your backyard. Yup, it’s true — and your friends here at FUNBOY are ready to guide you every step of the way! 

Grab your toolbox, summon your inner craftsperson, and let’s embark on this delightful DIY journey together. Here are 10 imaginative ideas to help you create your very own DIY concession stand.

1. Retro Roller Diner

Ah, the golden age of diners! The ‘50s were a time when rock-n-roll ruled the airwaves, poodle skirts swayed to the beat, and roller diners were the place to be. Ready to transport your guests to this iconic era?

  • Checkerboard floors:Start with the foundation. Vinyl checkerboard flooring or simple black and white tiles can instantly set the stage. If you're going for a temporary setup, consider adhesive vinyl tiles that can be easily removed later.
  • Neon Lights:Nothing screams 50s diner more than neon! Integrate neon signs or neon LED strips that spell out "EAT" or "TREATS" to give your stand a retro glow. Remember, the ambiance is everything!
  • Roller Skates: Here's where it gets fun: If you or a family member can roller skate, serve your treats with a side of nostalgia by skating to your guests. If not, simply hanging a pair of vintage roller skates on the side of the stand can do the trick.

2. Enchanted Forest Snack Nook

Every bite should be magical. If fairy tales and mystical adventures are your thing, this themed stand will be the centerpiece of your backyard.

  • Twinkling Lights:Transform your nook into a wonderland by stringing up fairy lights overhead. Battery-operated LED lights offer flexibility in placement without worrying about outlets.
  • Mystical Colors:Opt for purples, deep blues, and shimmering silvers. Whether it's the tablecloth, banner, or even the treats you serve, keeping a consistent color theme will make your stand pop.
  • Magical Treats:Think unicorn cupcakes, pixie dust popcorn, and fairy fudge. Every snack should tell a story and transport the eater into a realm of enchantment.

3. Beach Bliss Bites Bungalow

Dive into a tropical oasis, where every nibble feels like a mini-vacation by the seaside, complete with the soft strumming of ukuleles and gentle waves lapping at the shore.

  • Sandy Setups: A layer of clean, fine sand on your table can be the perfect base, making it look like your snacks are served right from the beach.
  • Tropical Tidbits:Coconut shrimp bites, mini pineapple pizzas, or fruit kabobs drizzled with a mango glaze. Keep the flavors fresh, vibrant, and reminiscent of a beach getaway.
  • Shoreline Setup:To amp up the beach vibe, inflate and position our Cabana Bar at the side, not only serving as an eye-catching decor piece but also a functional spot for guests to grab a refreshing drink and truly soak in the beachy ambiance.

4. Campsite Crunch Zone

Camping is all about the great outdoors, storytelling, and, of course, the snacks. Here's how you can bring that heartwarming experience to your backyard.

  • Logs:Repurpose logs or wooden crates to create rustic seating or serving counters. It's eco-friendly and adds authenticity to your camp-themed zone.
  • Campfire Treats:No campsite is complete without treats. Consider classic s'mores, roasted marshmallows, and maybe even campfire nachos. Offer guests skewers so they can roast their own marshmallows over a safe fire pit.
  • Cozy Blankets:As the evening winds down, ensure your guests stay warm. Place a stack of cozy blankets nearby, preferably in flannel or a camp-themed print — it adds to the ambiance and keeps everyone comfy!

5. Superhero Snack Stop

Every one of us has a superhero within, waiting to unleash their power. This concession stand is for all the caped crusaders and masked vigilantes out there or simply for those who love them.

  • Banners:Design banners with classic superhero logos, be it Superman's "S", Batman's Bat-Signal, or Wonder Woman's iconic emblem. These banners can hang overhead or be draped around your table for a touch of heroism.
  • Comic Strips: A unique touch that's both decorative and nostalgic. Frame old comic strips and use them as backdrops or tabletop placemats. If you're feeling extra crafty, you could even create a comic-strip menu!
  • Power-Packed Bites:Think of energy bars named after Thor's hammer or Iron Man energy drinks. The more creative and thematic, the better. These treats not only look good but also give that extra "boost" for your guests' adventures!

6. Nautical Nibble Dock

Allow the sounds of seagulls and the scent of saltwater to guide you to this seaside-inspired concession stand.

  • Life Rings: As decorative pieces, hang life rings around your stand, or even use smaller versions as plate or napkin holders. Their bright colors and iconic design scream "seaside."
  • Shore-Ready Cabana Bar:Elevate your maritime experience by anchoring our inflatable Cabana Bar nearby. Its lemonade yellow and cream-white tones mirror sunny beaches, while cabana stripes exude coastal elegance. Plus, it keeps drinks perfectly chilled — what’s not to love?
  • Seafood Treats:A nautical stand wouldn't be complete without some seafood. Offer shrimp cocktails, mini crab cakes, or even seaweed snacks. And for those less adventurous, fish-shaped gummies or candies will do the trick!

7. Whimsical Wonderland Eats

Alice isn't the only one invited to this quirky, off-beat tea party. Let your imagination run wild, and invite your guests to do the same.

  • Teacups:Not just for tea! Use vintage, mismatched teacups to serve snacks or drinks. It adds an authentic Wonderland touch and makes for an eco-friendly serving option.
  • Quirky Signs:"This way", "That way", "Up", "Down" — direct your guests in the most confusing, Wonderland-style manner. Hand-painted, crooked signs can guide guests to treats or simply add to the fun, whimsical atmosphere.
  • "Eat Me" Treats:Taking a cue from Alice, have a range of snacks labeled "Eat Me" and drinks labeled "Drink Me". Think cupcakes with peculiar (but safe!) colors or drinks that change color with a stir. Your guests will be intrigued and entertained.

8. Galactic Grub Station

Blast off to a universe of flavors and sights with a concession stand that truly feels light-years away.

  • Glowing Lights: Use LED strips or glow-in-the-dark paints to add an ethereal, starlit ambiance. Blacklights can make certain foods and drinks glow, turning a regular snack into an otherworldly treat.
  • Space-Themed Snacks: Think "moon" cheese balls, rocket dogs (hotdogs shaped like rockets), or asteroid almond cookies. And for drinks? Nebula smoothies that blend colors in mesmerizing patterns.
  • Alien Decorations:Infuse the space with charm using figurines of little green men, inflatable aliens, and our Giant Rocketship Water Sprinkler for an interstellar touch. Elevate the ambiance with metallic or holographic tablecloths that radiate the perfect space-age vibe.

9. The Carnival Crunch Corner

The magic of the fair, with its thrilling rides and delightful snacks, can be brought straight to your backyard.

  • Colorful Tents: Utilize small pop-up tents or even just draped fabric to give the impression of a carnival booth. Bright stripes in red, yellow, or blue capture that classic feel.
  • Cotton Candy:A carnival staple! If you can, rent a cotton candy machine. If not, pre-packaged cotton candy in various colors and flavors will do the trick. Display them on sticks in jars for a visually appealing setup.
  • Carousel Motifs:Add carousel horses, Ferris wheel miniatures, and other classic carnival icons as part of your decor. If possible, integrate carousel music softly in the background to add to the ambiance.

10. Barbie's Dream Snack Lounge

Step into a world filled with pink, glitter, and timeless elegance, where every snack feels like a glamorous indulgence crafted straight from Barbie's dream house.

  • Pink Pastel Palettes: Deck your stand with shades of Barbie pink. Use pink tablecloths, balloons, and streamers to encapsulate Barbie's signature style.
  • Global Treats: Given Barbie's world traveler status, serve international snacks. Think mini Eiffel Tower pastries, Malibu surf smoothies, or even safari popcorn mix.
  • Doll Decor: Enhance the ambiance with Barbie-inspired decorations, and as a centerpiece, inflate and display our Iconic B Inflatable Pool Float, providing guests with a stylish backdrop for Insta-worthy shots and a chic touch to the overall theme.

Order Up!

There you have it — a creative smorgasbord of DIY concession stand ideas to infuse your gatherings with magic and nostalgia. From whimsical wonderlands to cosmic galaxies, these themes are sure to invigorate your space and transport your guests. It's not just about the treats; it's the joy of crafting experiences. 

At FUNBOY, we're thrilled to be part of your journey in crafting these unforgettable moments. So, whether you're roller-skating through the past or feasting in a fantastical realm, let these ideas spark your imagination. Create unforgettable memories, celebrate togetherness, and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones! 


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