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12 Holiday Decorating Ideas To Try This Year

December 12, 2023 6 min read

Bells are jingling, lights are twinkling, and an unmistakable festive aroma is in the air. We're on the cusp of the holiday season, a time when every nook and cranny of our homes seems to call out for a touch of magic. Whether you've been plotting your holiday decorating strategy since July or you're a spontaneous sprucer-upper, we're here to inspire. 

Dive into a mix of cozy classics, trendy twists, and a dash of DIY fun. Let’s journey together through a wonderland of holiday decorating ideas, transforming spaces, and creating festive havens that echo with laughter, joy, and the timeless Christmas cheer of the holiday season.

1. Entryway Elegance

You know what they say about first impressions: Your entryway is the hand-written invitation to the holiday party that is your home. Imagine pinecones artfully nestled among luscious magnolia and holiday decor, bringing both elegance and that refreshing touch of nature. 

Now, let's take it up a notch. If DIY is your jam, it's wreath-making time! Gather some ornaments, a touch of greenery, and maybe even some twinkling lights. 

With each twist and turn, let your creativity shine, crafting a piece that's uniquely yours. And as your masterpiece hangs on your front door, it'll whisper warm welcomes and festive tidings to every guest and passerby.

2. Living Room Luxe

The living room is where stories are shared, cocoa is sipped, and memories are made. The Christmas tree lies at the heart of it all. 

Whether you adore a curated color scheme or delight in a hodgepodge of ornaments gathered over the years, there's a trending tree decoration just waiting for you. Still, trees aren't just about the baubles and trinkets; let’s discuss tree skirts. 

From plush red velvets to rustic burlap, they ground our trees, adding a layer of style and warmth. 

Beyond the tree, the living space beckons for a touch more glimmer. Envision string lights casting a soft glow, snowflakes descending from bookshelves, and a mantel that’s a testament to the holiday spirit, with stockings, cheerful sprigs, and maybe even a jingle bell or two. 

Your living room is the holiday heart of the home!

3. Dining Room Delight

Ah, the dining room: the stage of holiday feasts, where clinking glasses and hearty laughter mix. Let's set the stage for unforgettable festive gatherings. Start with the tablescape, the canvas of your culinary artistry. 

Envision a winter wonderland centerpiece, where shimmering ball ornaments mingle with the deep red hues of poinsettias, enveloped in a soft glow from candlelight. 

Of course, the candles don’t have to be the only lovely lights in your space. Deck your halls with FUNYBOY’s Light Up Multi-Color Holiday Bulbs with endless color options and inflatable whimsy. These indoor/outdoor delights can make any room merry and bright, seamlessly matching any room’s holiday aesthetic.

Finally, Don't overlook the little things. Even your napkins can don a festive flair, perhaps folded into the shape of a Christmas tree or accented with a sprig of holly. As for the coffee table? A few festive books, a bowl of shiny baubles, and you’re golden. Every detail elevates the dining experience, reminding us to savor the special moments.

4. DIY Christmas Crafts

For the crafty souls among us, the holidays are a playground of DIY possibilities. Let's start with a personal favorite: the advent calendar. Gone are the days of the standard cardboard cutouts; we're talking tiny handmade gift pouches or painted boxes, each day revealing a delightful treat or message. 

Now, the crafting doesn't stop there. Imagine creating your very own jingle bell necklaces or perhaps DIY snow globes that capture mini winter scenes. 

And when it comes to sending out holiday wishes, why not go the extra mile with handmade Christmas cards? A little glitter, a festive stamp, and voila — you've added that personal touch that says, “I’m thinking of you.”

5. Bedroom Bliss

The bedroom: our sanctuary, our haven. Why should the holiday spirit stop at its door? Picture this: the gentle glow of twinkle lights draped gracefully over the headboard, transforming the room into an intimate winter alcove. 

If you’re short on space, the minimalist in you can rejoice with subtle festive touches. Consider a Christmas wreath hanging on the closet door or a festive pillowcase that whispers of holiday tales. 

Small space or grand suite, the key is to invite warmth and serenity. As the day draws to a close and you sink into your bed, let the ambient glow and festive hints lull you into dreams of sugar plums and snowy mornings.

6. The Trendsetter's Corner 

As we venture into the holiday season, the decor landscape is embracing new trends while still paying homage to timeless traditions. The eco-friendly movement continues to flourish, with decorations made from sustainable materials gracing many homes. Meanwhile, Scandinavian minimalist touches — think neutral palettes, clean lines, and natural wood—are adding a serene, modern vibe. 

For those dreaming of a white Christmas, even in the heart of the city, there are myriad small space hacks. From snowflake decals on windows to faux fur rugs mimicking snow-covered ground, the dream of a cozy, white wonderland is very much achievable.

7. Bar Cart Bonanza 

No holiday celebration is complete without a toast to good times, and your bar cart can be the star of the show. Start by weaving a strand of twinkle lights around the frame, creating a soft glow. For glassware, think festive: perhaps glasses with snowflake motifs or ones that echo the traditional red and green color scheme. 

Now, for the pièce de résistance, sprinkle some Christmas magic with a bowl of candy canes or a miniature Christmas tree. If space permits, our inflatable Cabana Bar could serve as a tray for cocktail mixers — just the kind of whimsical touch that sparks joy and conversation. 

8. Exterior Excellence

As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, there's nothing quite like the sparkle of outdoor Christmas decorations to illuminate the neighborhood. Your home's exterior can be a canvas, painted with lights and decor that speak of festive merriment. 

Start with the banister: Drape it in a blanket of string lights intertwined with lush greenery. Add the finishing touch with traditional red ribbons that dance with every gust of winter wind. If you have a garden path or a small yard, placing our Retro Plaid Toboggan Snow Sledsubtly amidst the setup can evoke those cherished childhood memories of snowy escapades.

Finally, the front yard doesn’t get to have all the fun! You can make your backyard pool area a haven of holiday cheer with FUNBOY’s Light Up Ornaments. These large, glowing ornaments would look perfect floating in your poor or hanging from your deck. Plus, with their weighted bases, these ornaments will always stand up right — no more chasing runaway Christmas decorations!

9. Gift Wrap Glam

Let's face it: Half the fun of giving (and receiving!) gifts is the anticipation built by the wrapping itself. This year, elevate your gift-giving game by diving into DIY gift wrap ideas. Move beyond the conventional wrapping paper and consider materials like old maps, newspaper comics, or even fabric remnants. Personalize each gift with creative tags—perhaps a photo of a cherished memory with the recipient or a hand-drawn doodle.

By investing a little time in presentation, you transform gift-giving into an art, ensuring your presents are as memorable on the outside as they are inside.

10. Windows and Walls Wonderland

Who says the winter wonderland is only outside? With a touch of creativity, it can be right in your living room. Begin by crafting DIY snowflakes — whether from paper or felt — and creating a cascading snowstorm on your windows. Intersperse these with fresh sprigs for a pop of green amidst the white. But don't stop there. Transform your walls into festive galleries. 

From holiday-themed wall art like Santa's sleigh silhouette or reindeer in flight to a canvas that simply exudes the warmth of the holiday season, there are endless possibilities to elevate the Christmas vibe. So, deck those walls and let every glance be a glimpse into festive magic.

Bonus: Last-Minute Touches

The final countdown to Christmas is ticking away, and those delightful last-minute decor flourishes truly make a difference. Elevate your tablescape with a charming tabletop Christmas tree, and sprinkle in some Christmas ornaments for an added touch of magic. Don't shy away from placing a holiday wreath in unexpected places, like your kitchen or even a hallway. 

And those cherished Christmas cards you've received? Display them artfully in your living space, creating a nostalgic wall of memories. For a hint of FUNBOY fun, consider positioning our whimsical Candy Striped Snow Tube near your main seating area. It's not only a functional sled but a playful conversation starter that'll have guests grinning!

Deck the Halls!

Holiday decorating is more than just tinsel and twinkles; it's creating memories and embracing joy. At FUNBOY, we believe in blending tradition with a dash of unexpected delight, and we're thrilled to be a part of your festive journey. 

Whether it's our snow tubes sparking a grin or your own DIY masterpiece, make this season glow with your unique touch. After all, the best holiday homes are the ones that make hearts jingle. 

Cheers to your most magical season yet!


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