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7 Scary Sleepover Games To Play This Halloween

November 01, 2023 8 min read

Ah, Halloween. A time for candy, costumes, and ... spooky sleepover games? If you’re looking to give your kids and their pals a scare this Halloween, then look no further. As the nights get longer and the air gets colder, there’s no better time to host a sleepover, let your kids invite some friends over, and dive deep into the world of eerie legends and spine-tingling challenges. 

While these games have their roots in age-old tales, they've been the highlight of countless sleepovers, serving delightful shivers and stories to tell. From mysterious chants to playful seances, this list promises a night that your kids and their friends won't soon forget. Grab your coziest blankets and get a few bags of popcorn — it's time to dive into our favorite scary sleepover games.

Safety First: Ground Rules for Sleepover Games

Before summoning spirits or chanting in the dark, let's lay down a few ground rules to ensure everyone of all ages has a good time. Remember that the goal is fun and there’s a fine line between spooky and terrifying. 

  • Safe Environment: Pick a comfy spot in the house, away from breakables. No one wants a toppled lamp to be the scariest part of the night. There’s no way to know how young ones may react to a scare, so it’s best not to risk anything. 
  • Comfort is Key:Not everyone's bravery levels are the same. Remind the kids that it's okay to sit out a game or two. Remember, the goal is fun, not fear.
  • Reality Check:These games are rooted in legends, but that's all they are—tales. It's like watching a horror movie; thrilling but fictional. Make sure that anyone who gets a little too frightened knows that it’s all in good fun.
  • Safe Word/Sign: If someone's feeling overwhelmed, have a word or gesture to signal a game break. It can be as simple as raising a hand or saying, "Pumpkin spice!" Comfort should be the priority for this sleepover, with spooky fun taking a backseat.

There you have it: A few simple guidelines to make sure your scary sleepover is as fun as it is spooky. Now, let's dive into our first game!

1. Bloody Mary: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall ...

Every Halloween sleepover has its legends, and "Bloody Mary" tops the list. Chances are that you played a version of this game before, but did you know its roots run deep? The "Bloody Mary" tale dates back centuries, linked to various historical figures and folklore. Some stories tie her to Queen Mary I of England, known for her tumultuous reign. Others draw connections to age-old myths about mirrors being portals to another realm.

Ready for a mirrored adventure? Here’s how:

  • Find a dimly lit room with a mirror.
  • Stand in front of the mirror, gazing deep into your reflection.
  • Take a deep breath, and chant "Bloody Mary" three times.
  • Watch closely. Some say a mysterious figure might just make an appearance!

For those with younger children attending the sleepover and wanting a more kid-friendly version, try saying "Merry Mary" instead. Who knows, you might get a glimpse of a friendlier spirit!

2. Spooky Spooky Sleepover

Looking to host the spookiest and most fun sleepover for your little goblins this Halloween? Well, you're in for a treat! Here's a plan for a fang-tastic Halloween-themed sleepover that your kids will remember for years to come.

First things first, set the eerie atmosphere with spooky decorations — think cobwebs, glowing pumpkins, and maybe even a friendly ghost or two. And what's Halloween without costumes? Encourage your mini monsters to dress up as their favorite spooky characters.

For the ultimate slumber party experience, why not add some extra magic with our Pink Castle Sleepover Kids Mattress and Pink Convertible Sleepover Kids Mattress? These reinforced inflatable sleepover mattresses in the shape of a pink castle and a pink convertible will make your kiddos feel like royalty. 

Finally, don't forget to have a movie marathon of classic Halloween flicks, and prepare some creepy-cute snacks like mummy hot dogs and monster-shaped cookies. With games, ghost stories, and these magical mattresses, your Halloween sleepover will be a howling success.

3. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board: A Lifting Experience!

What kid hasn’t dreamed of defying gravity? "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" lets the kids at your sleepover dabble in the world of the paranormal without leaving your living room floor! Your party might be the talk of the school come Monday morning if you can pull off a little magic. This game's origins are a little hazy, but many believe it dates back to the Renaissance, with whispers of its magic echoing through slumber parties worldwide.

Eager to lift spirits (and the kids)? Follow these steps:

  • Have one kid lie flat on the ground, arms by their side.
  • Gather the rest of the kids around and tell them to place two fingers (from each hand) beneath the person.
  • Everyone should start chanting, "Light as a feather, stiff as a board."
  • As the chant continues, try lifting the kid with just your fingertips.

If done right, the kid should rise effortlessly. Some say it’s the power of suggestion; others believe in a touch of magic. Either way, it's a surreal experience for everyone involved.

4. The Midnight Game: Midnight Chills and Thrills!

For kids who are a little older and seeking an adrenaline rush, "The Midnight Game" promises a night of suspense. Legend claims it was once an old pagan rite where rule-breakers faced ghostly consequences. It's intense, mysterious, and not for the faint of heart.

Fancy playing with shadows? Dive in:

  • Write your full name on a piece of paper, letting a drop of your blood soak in. You can substitute a hair or a little saliva instead so the kids aren’t harmed. The spirits won’t mind!
  • Light a candle at midnight, and knock on a door 22 times, ensuring the last knock aligns with the stroke of twelve.
  • Open the door, blow out the candle, and quickly relight it.
  • The chase begins! Wander your home, but avoid The Midnight Man at all costs.
  • Stay vigilant until 3:33 AM (or 9 p.m., if you don’t want your little ones up too late). If you succeed, you've bested the game!

Remember, it's all in good fun. And if things get too intense for the young ones, laughter with their friends is the best remedy!

5. The Ouija Board: Conversations with the Beyond?

Interested in chatting with spirits from the great beyond? The Ouija Board, with its rich history rooted in spiritualism, claims to be the bridge between our world and the mysterious unknown. This board has graced countless sleepovers with tales of eerie messages and unexpected revelations.

Ready to bring a supernatural chat session to your kid’s sleepover? Here’s your guide:

  • Lay out the Ouija board, placing the planchette in the center.
  • Along with one or two of the kids, place your fingers lightly on the planchette.
  • Ask a question aloud, and wait patiently. The spirit world operates on its own time!
  • If the planchette moves, that's your answer. Remember to be polite and respectful.

When wrapping up, always move the planchette to "Goodbye" to end the session. And as always, approach with an open mind, a dash of skepticism, and a whole lot of fun.

6. The No-End House: The Labyrinth of Legends!

Looking for a mental maze filled with twists and turns? Enter "The No-End House." While not a traditional game, this legendary tale is known to captivate sleepover crowds of all ages. 

Rumor has it that this house, with its endless rooms, offers a cash (or candy) prize for anyone who reaches the last room. But there’s a catch: no one knows how many rooms there are.

Ready to traverse this imaginative journey? Here's how:

  • Dim the lights and gather around in a circle.
  • Take turns narrating the tale of the No-End House, with each person adding more mysterious and eerie details about each new room they "enter."
  • As the story progresses, challenge each other's creativity. What unique, spine-chilling details can you add?

While you won't physically wander through endless rooms, your mind will journey through endless possibilities. It's storytelling at its best, fueled by imagination and a hint of the unknown.

7. The Sandman Game: Into the Realm of Dreams!

The Sandman is a mystical fella who is believed to sprinkle sand into the eyes of the sleepy, guiding them to a world of dreams. This game is a mix of relaxation and suspense as you tread the line between waking life and the dream world.

Fancy a journey to the dream realm? Here's your ticket:

  • Gather in a circle and find a comfortable sitting position.
  • As the adult in the party, you’ll need to function as the "Sandman." You’ll be responsible for narrating a serene, dream-inspired story, weaving in elements like floating clouds, shimmering stars, and the soft whispers of nighttime winds.
  • Participants close their eyes and deeply immerse themselves in the unfolding tale.
  • Periodically, the “Sandman” introduces unexpected twists, such as a roaring thunder or a mysterious voice, to keep everyone on their toes.
  • The challenge lies in remaining calm and engaged, regardless of the dream's unpredictability.

Upon waking, participants can share any dreamlike visions or feelings they experienced during the journey. Was it relaxing? Spooky? Enlightening? Everyone's experience will be different, but all will have taken a unique trip into the mind's vast realm, guided by the “Sandman's” touch.

Extra Tips for a Spook-tacular Sleepover

Halloween is all about the thrills, but adding a sprinkle of comfort ensures everyone's having a fab time. Here are some helpful pointers to elevate your night:

  • Popcorn and PJs:No spooky sleepover is complete without snacks! Whip up a batch of popcorn, and maybe even add some gummy worms for a cheeky Halloween twist. Plus, inviting everyone to don their comfiest Halloween-themed pajamas will set the mood just right.
  • Atmospheric Lighting: Dig out those fairy lights or lanterns. Their soft glow will make everything feel cozier and a tad more mysterious. And if you're feeling crafty, DIY some ghost lanterns for added flair.
  • Magical Movie Intermission:After a few games, why not break up the night with a classic Halloween flick? It offers a little relaxation time before diving back into the ghostly games.
  • Comfy Corner: For those moments when someone needs a quick break or just wants to relax, set up a corner with our Sleepover Beds. It’s the perfect spot to lounge and share some light-hearted ghost stories.
  • Pool-Turned-Lounge: Who said our kiddie pools are just for summer? Inflate one of our chic Kiddie Pools and toss in some soft blankets and pillows, creating an instant cozy nook. Perfect for storytelling or simply chilling.
  • DIY Elixirs:Create a potion station with fun drinks. Think green apple soda, cranberry juice, and maybe some sherbet for that fizzy touch. Let the magic brew!

A Scary Good Time!

Halloween isn't just about the trick-or-treating or the ghoulish garb; it's about those spine-tingling tales told under a blanket fort with your best pals by your side. With a little help from FUNBOY, you can give your kids and their closest friends such an experience. Remember to sprinkle in laughter, infuse with camaraderie, and stir in a good measure of spooky fun. After all, it's not about the scares you get but the memories you make. 

So, have your kids gather their crew, pick a game (or three), and help them have a spook-tastic sleepover. 

Happy haunting!


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