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Toddler Travel Beds: What Makes FUNBOY the Best?

January 06, 2024 6 min read

We've all seen that heart-melting, endearing slump of a child who's fallen asleep mid-activity. Whether it’s in a car seat, on the sofa, or even atop a pile of toys, kids just have that uncanny ability

But when it's deliberate downtime or, say, a special sleepover night, the setting matters big time. Comfort is non-negotiable. The feel of their familiar bed, even when miles away, is dreamy. That’s why we’ve unveiled our game-changer. 

Marrying flair with function, we've waved our magic wand to transform our iconic pool float designs into super snug sleepover beds for kids. It's all about making every snooze — especially the ones away from home — a comfy-cool adventure.

The Story Behind Our Toddler Travel Beds

Thanks to the bustling success of our spirited co-founders, Raquel and Celeste, hopping between the vibrant vibes of LA and the charming allure of Seattle was routine. The problem was that they weren’t just dynamic entrepreneurs — they were moms, too. And with the mom hat on, every trip echoed with a shared challenge: how to let their little ones drift into dreamland feeling just as cozy and anchored as they would at home. 

A lightbulb flash of inspiration led to reimagining FUNBOY's beloved pool float designs. The result was our kids' sleepover beds. They’re more than just a bed — they’re a slice of home wherever you go.

What Sets FUNBOY Apart?

In a market teeming with generic products, our toddler travel beds stand out. But what exactly sets our beds head and shoulders above the rest? Let's dive into the stellar features that make these sleepover essentials so popular.

Iconic Designs Reimagined

At the heart of FUNBOY lies a penchant for whimsical and iconic designs. From convertible cars to majestic castles and even classic speed boats, our travel beds aren’t just about sleep — they're about sparking dreams and igniting imagination.

Structural Integrity With Cross-Beams

Gone are the days of saggy, deflating air mattresses. Thanks to their internal cross-beams, our beds provide sleep support that's consistent and dependable. It’s a steady foundation, offering the stability of a regular bed for on-the-go sleep.

Optimal Size for Kids

We've fine-tuned the dimensions (74" x 40" x 15") to cater perfectly to kids aged three to 12. Our beds are roomy enough for stretching and rolling but snug enough to provide cozy support.

Easy Travel and Storage

Every bed comes with a handy storage bag equipped with a shoulder strap. Whether you’re off for a vacation or a weekend at the grandparents', packing and transporting has never been easier. Plus, with an air pump (sold separately), the setup process is quick and fuss-free.

In the world of FUNBOY, we don’t just craft products — we curate experiences. With our toddler travel beds, your child can have the sweetest dreams wherever they may be.

Detailed Look Into FUNBOY's Sleepover Beds

We’ve always been synonymous with flamboyance and functionality. With our range of sleepover beds, we've successfully translated our flair for innovative design into sleep solutions that aren't just comfortable but downright enchanting. 

Convertible Kids Sleepover Air Mattress

What child doesn’t dream of cruising the streets in their very own convertible? This design brings the thrill of the open road right to bedtime. The sleek lines, playful aesthetics, and vividness of the convertible make it so much more than just an ordinary sleep space.

Beyond its dazzling design, the convertible air mattress boasts the trademark FUNBOY features — cozy flocked material, dependable structural support, and easy setup.

Castle Sleepover Kids Air Mattress

Every child’s fairy-tale dream comes alive with our Castle design. Towering turrets, grand archways, and a sense of regal elegance make this bed an escape into stories waiting to be explored.

Like all of our products, the Castle bed doesn’t compromise on comfort. The spacious interior provides ample room for dream-filled sleep, while the soft, flocked surface offers a touch of luxury that every young prince or princess deserves.

Classic Speed Boat Sleepover Kids Air Mattress

Ahoy, young sailors! Navigate the waves of dreamland with this nautical-inspired design. With its classic speed boat aesthetics, it captures the essence of thrilling sea adventures and the allure of uncharted waters. And let’s face it, what child wouldn’t want to drift off to sleep in their very own boat?

Besides being the centerpiece of any sleepover, this design prioritizes comfort. The cross-beam structure ensures a stable sleeping surface, ensuring a night of undisturbed, sound sleep. Plus, with its larger dimensions, there's plenty of space to stretch out and dream of sailing under starry skies.

How Easy Is Setup and Storage?

At FUNBOY, we understand that convenience is king, especially for super-parents who might be juggling many tasks at once. When you've got a child eagerly waiting to dive into their new adventure bed, the last thing you need is a complicated setup. 

Our sleepover beds are designed to make life simpler. With an air pump, these beds inflate in a jiffy, ensuring your child's new dreamland is ready in no time. 

And when the fun is done, storage is just as swift. Each bed slides easily into its own storage bag, complete with a shoulder strap, making transportation effortless. Whether your bed is neatly stowed in a closet or packed for a road trip, we’ve made sure that tidying up is as breezy as setup.

How To Enhance the FUNBOY Sleepover Experience

Sleepovers with our sleepover beds are already an event to look forward to. However, with a sprinkle of creativity, parents and kids can amplify the experience, creating memories that last a lifetime. 

Here are some ideas to elevate the fun:

  • Themed nights: Match the bedtime story with the bed's theme. Try pirates and mermaids for the Classic Speed Boat, royal tales for the Castle bed, or adventurous road trips for the Convertible. Amplify the theme by decorating the room with matching posters, pillows, or even costumes.
  • Dream journals: Encourage kids to jot down their dreams and feelings about their sleep adventures. Given the imaginative setting they're sleeping in, you're sure to unearth tales brimming with creativity.
  • DIY bed decor: Get crafty! Let your little ones personalize their FUNBOY bed with glow-in-the-dark stickers, fabric markers, or attachable soft toys. It's not just about sleeping, but also expressing themselves.
  • Outdoor camping: If the weather permits, set up one of our sleepover beds in your backyard. Add fairy lights, a tent or net canopy overhead, and you've got an enchanting outdoor haven. 
  • Musical dreams: Create a soothing bedtime playlist. Mix in soft lullabies, nature sounds, and even songs that align with the bed’s theme, like sea shanties for the boat.
  • Interactive bedtime games: Introduce games that sync with the bed's design. For instance, kids on the Speed Boat bed can "fish" using magnetic fishing rods and paper fish before bedtime, or those in the Castle can have a little treasure hunt.
  • Cozy corners: Surround the FUNBOY bed with a reading nook. Stack some plush pillows, soft blankets, and a basket of their favorite books. It adds to the comfort and invites them into a world of fairy tales before they drift off.
  • Starry night projectors: Elevate the bedtime ambiance with star or ocean projectors. Depending on the bed theme, these projectors can mimic a night sky or underwater world, wrapping the room in mesmerizing visuals.
  • Snack stations: Set up a little snack station near the bed. Think healthy, sleep-inducing snacks like warm milk, chamomile tea, or some almond cookies. It's a delightful treat before they embark on their dream journey.

A Final Word

We’ve always been about more than just products. We’re about curating moments, weaving stories, and crafting experiences that stay with you. Our toddler travel beds are the stuff of childhood memories, where dreams come alive and every night is an adventure. 

Plus, with standout features like super-soft flocking, structural reinforcement, and easy storage design, these beds are ready for whatever adventure comes your way. For more fun ideas, visit our blog.


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