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What To Wear for Fun Family Beach Pictures

July 25, 2022 6 min read

Whenever you have the chance to take some family pictures on the beach, you totally should! Beautiful family, beautiful natural setting, they're a lock to turn out fantastic.

You can ask a stranger on the beach to get a few quick pics with your phone to commemorate the fun time spent with the family on the beach. Or you can go all out and hire a professional photographer for some photos that you’ll want to have framed and put up in the living room. 

Regardless of who takes the photo and what kind of camera they use to capture the moment, it’s always good to get at least a few snaps of the family when they’re all together on the beach. It’s a special thing and a perfect time to whip out the camera. 

One thing that will have a certain influence on the way the photos turn out and how much you like them is the outfit you’re wearing. 

Have you ever seen an old photo of yourself and wondered, what on earth was I wearing?If you anticipate taking photos, just a little bit of planning might avoid cringing at your outfit in the future. Plus, it’ll save you from being so uncomfortable in your outfit — running any beach day.

Look through these suggestions for fun outfits you can put together for your family photos on the beach. That way, you know you’ll look sharp and be fully prepared to create that iconic family photo that will hang on the wall and be passed down through the family for generations to come. 

Clean and Classic: Blues and Whites

This is a classic play. It’s sure to work because wearing blues and whites are often associated with nautical themes and naval dress. It’s a sailor-inspired color palette used time and again for family portraits on the beach. Are you and the gang ready to take photos that look like they belong in a department store catalog?

Here’s how to pull it off and enjoy it while you do: 

White, cream, navy, and light blue are the priorities for this color palette. You can use a little brown or tan for things like shoes and belts. 

Khakis or chinos with button-downs and polos will appear neat and put together. This casual but preppy look compliments the color palette as it nods to the nautical theme and Naval history. Complete the outfit with some boat shoes, leather sandals, or flip-flops, or just go barefoot since you’re on the beach after all. 

Loose flowy dresses of the same colors are a practical option that will be comfortable on the beach and compliment the khakis and collared shirts next to you. Patterns such as houndstooth or stripes will look right at home for this look. 

The last thing you need to do to make this set of family beach photos stand out is to include a boat in the background. No ships on the horizon? No worries: Blow up the inflatable yacht floatfrom FUNBOY, and it’s a wrap. 

Festive and Floral Beach Portrait

You can always wear floral patterns to the beach. Bright colors and flower patterns make for family photos that get the message across: we’re having fun in the sun. 

If you’re leaning towards the floral theme for your family beach photos, think of items like sundresses, board shorts, and patterned bathing suits. Together you’ll look like a beautiful garden planted right on the beach. 

Incorporate leis, a flower behind the ear, and maybe a flowery sun hat as well. Hula skirts and coconut tops will add a distinguished island vibe to the pic. It’s a breezy look for beach family pictures that will stand the test of time and bring about smiles whenever you reflect on it. 

You can coordinate colors and patterns or have each person wear a floral pattern of their choice. Add functional props to the pictures, like floral tubes and towels. They’ll make a solid contribution to the photo result, plus you get to use them all day at the beach!

Vintage Tourist Family Photos

Another fun theme you can go for is the vintage tourist look. People just don’t dress like they used to. Although it’s always a special thing to go to the beach with your family, a beach vacation wasn’t always as accessible as it is now. People used to really dress for the occasion. Your family beach pics will have a distinct and tasteful vintage appeal if you can nail this look. 

Go for color blocking: retro-cut bathing suits and button-down shirts reticent of cabana wear that was popular with beach-goers in the 50s and 60s.

Pay attention to the accessories, as they will bring out the vintage flavor in your photos. Vintage-style shades, lawn chairs, and beach bags will help bring out the district style. A camera around the neck says “vintage tourist” loud and clear. 

Put your phones away for this photo shoot; they’re definitely not period correct. However, you could definitely include an inflatable retro phone in a pastel pink colorway as a unique way to tie it all together. 

Shiver Me Timbers! Dress Like Pirates for Fun Family Beach Photos

When’s the last time your entire family got together dressed as pirates? Probably never, or maybe at a six-year-old kid’s birthday party. Either way, going all out with a salty pirate look will make beach family photos that everyone will love.

Striped shirts, bandanas, frilly blouses, and bold boots are some staple items in a pirate wardrobe. But really, when it comes to dressing like a pirate, there aren’t any hard and fast rules. If there were, pirates would be sure to break them anyway. Be bold with it, wear it with an attitude, and the message will come across. 

Your accessories and props are going to make or break this look. Wear an eyepatch and gold jewelry. Hang a chain from your pocket. Wield a scimitar and strap a knife to your boot. Tuck a pirate pistol into a belt with a large brass buckle. Someone should definitely have a parrot on their shoulder and, if possible, fake a peg leg.

Pose someone on top of a treasure chest, or mark an X in the sand as you’d find on a pirate's treasure map. After the photoshoot, you should definitely go out to dinner with your pirate gear on. 

It turns out that the real treasure all along was friendship (awww).


One family. One photoshoot. One color. The monochrome look is always a sleek and coordinated option that’s not difficult to pull off and makes for iconic family photos. 

It’s easy to explain as well; everyone wears the same color head to toe. You can be as strict or lax as you want with the amount of non “the color” color you allow. 

Then the question becomes, what color will you choose? All white is clean and pure. The family will look like beach angels. 

All black will look bold and edgy, but a little beach goth photoshoot for the family is a bonding experience that too many families miss out on. 

Or you could go a slightly different round and have each member of the family dress in different colors. However you choose to do it, monochrome family portraits are a reliable classic that will turn out well and look even better on the beach. 

Are Tie Dye Family Photos Outdated? 

Absolutely not. If you’re all about bringing the vibes, then tie-dye is always an option. Put the whole family in tie-dye for beach pictures to capture the groovy, free-spirited side of the clan.

Tie-dye shirts are a great start. Bring it to the next level with tubes, bathing suits, hats, and towels covered in sweet tie-dye patterns.

There are a bunch of tie-dye projects you can do to give the whole family plenty of options for covering themselves head to toe in fun colors. 

Golden Hour Opportunities

You can’t go wrong with family beach photos. You’ll get to spend time with family and enjoy the beach at the same time. Not to mention you’ll get to capture the moment and look back on it for years to come. 

With this in mind, how do you think the family should dress for the occasion? Are you gonna go with a clean-cut blue and white collared shirt vibe, or do something wild like dressing up as pirates or head to toe in tie-dye? 


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