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10 White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Be Fighting Over

December 17, 2023 7 min read

The classic white elephant gift exchange is that fun-filled, somewhat chaotic tradition that lights up many a holiday season gathering. 

Have you ever found yourself in the thick of the exchange, clutching a pair of socks while your cousin scored the year's hottest gadget? That's the unpredictable beauty of it all. But the key is picking that unforgettable gift everyone secretly (or not-so-secretly) hopes to snag. 

Whether you're hunting for a giggle-worthy gag or something genuinely delightful, the right white elephant gift can turn you into the star of the show. 

The Art of Selecting a Great White Elephant Gift

The magic in the white elephant game isn't just in the unwrapping — it's in the suspense, the steals, and the surprises. While it's all fun and games, no one ever said you couldn't be strategic. In general, it’s a great idea to straddle that line between hilariously quirky and undeniably useful. 

Imagine being the genius behind the perfect white elephant gift that not only gets a good chuckle but is also the one everyone is secretly eyeing. And hey, presentation counts. A thoughtful gift wrapped with flair will be the shiny lure everyone wants to bite.

Read on for our ultimate white elephant gift guide.

1. Gifts To Make Them Laugh

If you ask us, there's something contagiously joyful about gifts that get a belly laugh or a hearty chuckle. And isn't that the essence of the holidays? 

Here are some funny white elephant gifts that will instantly brighten up the celebration:

  • Funny coffee mug: Because who doesn't love starting their day with a dash of humor? Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving day after day.

  • Gag gift: How about a quirky night light that baffles the receiver or a hilariously instructional "how to use chopsticks" manual? 

  • Star Wars toaster: Nothing says “May the toast be with you” quite like a slice imprinted with Darth Vader's face. This would be perfect for a Star Wars enthusiast!

  • Clear pink glitter flamingo: Oh, and speaking of laughs? Dive into a sea of glitter with our very own Clear Pink Glitter Flamingo pool float. It's the epitome of sun-soaked fun, making every pool session nothing short of fabulous.

2. Gifts for the Homebody

For those who find solace and joy within the cozy confines of their abode, try getting something a little more subtle.

Here are our favorite ideas:

  • Essential oils set: Drift into a world of relaxation and tranquility. This is perfect for those moments of calm amidst the festive frenzy.
  • Coloring book for Adults: The blend of art and relaxation can be therapeutic. It’s a meditative journey waiting to be explored.

  • Silicone coasters: Beyond being practical, these coasters can be conversation starters with their unique designs and add a subtle touch of home decor magic.

3. Practical Yet Exciting Finds

Here are a few gifts that blend utility with an unexpected twist:

  • Rechargeable massager: After the holiday hustle, who wouldn't cherish some self-care? Dive into relaxation with this gem.

  • Knife set with a twist: The kitchen just got a dash of quirky. Imagine cutting with knives that have handles shaped like whimsical animals or colored with crazy patterns.

  • Unique water bottle: Because hydration doesn’t have to be boring. Think of it as a statement piece that also quenches your thirst!

4. Gadget and Tech Lovers

Now, let’s slide into the tech territory. Do you know a crew that can’t resist the allure of gadgets? 

Here are a few of our favorite technology-inspired gifts:

  • Bluetooth speaker: Picture this: crystal clear sound, portability, and hours of playback. It's the kind of gift that might have people breaking alliances to snag.

  • Mini karaoke microphone: We all have that friend who belts out tunes at the drop of a hat. And for the rest? Well, holiday cheer (and perhaps a bit of eggnog) can make a singer out of anyone.

5. Fun and Games

Because isn't that what the holiday season is all about? Here are a few gifts to inspire fun, laughter, and a sprinkle of competition:

  • Card games: Unleash the laughter and friendly rivalries. Card games promise to be the life of any holiday gathering.

  • FUNBOY Candy Cane Inflatable Shotski®:When you’ve put the kids to bed and it’s time for the adults to get rowdy, taking shots out of this inflatable shotski is the perfect way to amp up the energy.

  • Retro Bluetooth gaming console: Bring out the nostalgia! Settle down with some classic games to take a trip down memory lane.

6. Book Nooks and Tales

For those who think reality is just a tad overrated and love to escape into pages, here are a few gifts that are sure to please:

  • Whimsical bookmarks: Think dragons, unicorns, or even a tiny surfboard. Who said reading can’t be magical?

  • Clip-on book light: Because who needs sleep when there's a plot twist?

  • Story-inspired puzzles: Let’s piece together Mr. Darcy or Sherlock. 

  • Doodle diary: They’ve read tons, so why not write some? These blank pages are waiting for some genius... or doodles of cats. Whatever floats their boat!

7. For the Foodie

Switching gears, let's dig into some delectables and dining delights. For those pals who Instagram every meal or consider themselves the next MasterChef, here are a few gifts that are right up their alley:

  • Mini waffle maker: Think golden, crispy waffles on lazy Sunday mornings. Or perhaps a fun twist on sandwich bread for the experimental foodie.

  • Silicone chopsticks: Sushi nights just leveled up. These chopsticks aren’t just trendy — they're a game-changer for those slippery sushi struggles.

  • Stainless steel wine bottle: Elevate those wine nights. Not only does it keep the vino chilled, but it also oozes sophistication.

8. Fashion and Accessories

Step into the world of sass and swank. For the ones who strut the sidewalk like it’s their runway, here are a few gifts that will be the stars of the show:

  • Pop culture pins: Know a friend who’s a sitcom junkie? How about a pin of their favorite TV character? 

  • Funky jewelry organizer: This is perfect for a friend who has way too many (or not enough?) sparkly trinkets! 

  • Vintage-style sunglasses: Let them channel their inner movie star. These are perfect for chic Sunday brunches.

9. Barbie™ Lovers Unite

Barbie's been an icon for ages, and she's not slowing down. If you know someone who can't get enough of that pink, glamorous world, then step right up with these iconic gifts:

10. For The Eco-Friendly Enthusiast

There's always that friend or family member who's on a mission to save the planet, one sustainable step at a time. Why not fuel their passion?

Here are a few gifts that fit the bill:

  • Reusable beeswax wraps: Say goodbye to plastic wraps — these are the fun, eco-friendly way to keep your food fresh.

  • Bamboo toothbrush set: A small step towards a more sustainable morning routine.

  • Plantable pencils: Once they’re too short to use, plant them and watch them blossom into beautiful plants!

  • Solar-powered charger: Keep your devices charged without leaving a carbon footprint. Plus, it’s a great companion for outdoor adventures.

Tips To Nail Your White Elephant Gift Game

Looking to level up your white elephant gift-giving prowess? Here are some curated tips to shine bright at the next Christmas gathering:

  • Know your audience: Before diving into gift ideas for Christmas, consider the group you're shopping for. Is it a family gathering, an office party, or a get-together with friends? This can guide your choice, whether you’re looking for a truly great gift or a funny stocking stuffer.

  • Wrap it right: As we mentioned earlier, presentation is key. Choose a wrapping style that fits the theme of the gift or the party. A beautifully wrapped gift can sometimes be the star, even before it's opened!

  • Budgeting is essential: Most white elephant parties have a set budget. Stick to it, but get creative. The best white elephant gifts don't need to break the bank.

  • Think about versatility: A holiday gift that appeals to a broader audience has a higher chance of being desired. It's great to have a unique gift, but it's even better if it's something that can fit into many lifestyles.

  • Double down on themes: If you know there's a theme for the holiday party, go all in. Whether it's a Secret Santa theme or something wackier, aligning your gift with the theme can make it a hot commodity.

  • Consider the element of surprise: A white elephant gift is all about the unexpected. Think of items that initially puzzle but eventually delight the recipient. That's the essence of a memorable white elephant party.

  • Shop early: Especially around the holiday season, the best gifts can sell out quickly (yes, even at Walmart or on Amazon). To ensure you snag that perfect Christmas gift, start your hunt early.

While everyone loves walking away with a fantastic item, a white elephant exchange is about the joy of the process, the steals, the surprises, and the laughter. So, whether you're gifting a gag or a genuinely cherished item, the spirit of fun and festivity should always be at the forefront. 

The Bottom Line

The exhilaration of a white elephant gift exchange is unmatched. The suspense of the unknown, the strategic steals, and the collective laughter it brings are what make it a beloved holiday tradition. 

At FUNBOY, we believe that every gift should be given with a sprinkle of love, a dash of surprise, and a bucketload of joy. As you embark on your next festive journey, remember it's not just about the physical gifts but the memories you create. 


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