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ABOUT: FUNBOY is a California based luxury purveyor of original summer essentials. Founded in 2015 by a family of creative rebels, FUNBOY launched with an exclusive collection of fancy floats for adults who refuse to grow-up. Since then, FUNBOY’s limited edition floats and forward design have garnered a global following of like minded individuals, taste-makers and adventurers who collectively live life FUNBOY.

DESIGNED BY FUNBOY: Each and every FUNBOY product is meticulously designed, tested and perfected by the family founders in Los Angeles California. The team literally dreams in Unicorns and Rainbows in order to deliver original products that you can trust for days you’ll never forget. While imitations are flattering, there is no substitution for an authentic FUNBOY.

THE FLOAT LIFE : FUNBOY’s founding mantra is that life should be exciting and spontaneous, filled with the epic adventures and stories that are born when you let yourself go. The company was founded on a beach and the founding team continues to draw inspiration from warm waters, awesome people and amazing places along the journey. There is a bit of FUNBOY in all of us - share your FUNBOY by tagging @FUNBOY on social.



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