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12 Christmas Activities for Kids: Party At The Kids Table

November 02, 2020 6 min read

With the holiday season just around the corner, you may be starting to plan for your big Christmas party. While your hands are full cooking up the perfect Christmas dinner, you’ll want to keep your little ones occupied. Luckily for you, there are tons of fun Christmas activities for kids that’ll keep them entertained for hours. These activities are so fun that they may just turn into annual family Christmas games as everyone will want to join in! So, bring your loved ones together and get ready for some holiday cheer it’s time to party at the kid’s table! Here are 12 Christmas activities for kids:

Pin The Nose on Rudolph 

An exciting holiday twist on the classic kid’s birthday party game, Pin the Nose on Rudolph is sure to be a hit! For this game, you’ll need a large picture of a reindeer and a piece of double-sided tape to place over its nose. Then, cut out circles, color them red and attach another piece of double-sided tape to the back. When it's time to play, give each child a red nose, place the blindfold on them, and have them try to place Rudolph’s nose where it belongs. To make it harder for the older kids, spin them around in a circle a few times! 

Decorate Cookies 

What’s Christmas without cookies? This time of year is known for its sugary sweets, and kidslove to get involved. Whip up your favorite homemade cookies or find an easyrecipe online. Make sure to have plenty of fun cookie cutters on hand, like reindeer, Christmas trees, and snowflakes. Once your cookies have cooled down, sit your little ones at the table with colorful icing, sprinkles, and fun treats like M&M’s, pretzels, chocolate chips, and gumdrops so they can create their own cookie masterpieces. This is a delicious, fun activity that’s perfect for all ages! 

Christmas Charades 

A free and easy way to entertain what’s not to love? Mix up traditional charades by adding a holiday twist. We’re thinking Christmas carols, decorations, and fun holiday movies! This is a simple yet fun-filled game for the entire family. It gets everyone involved and will leave your cheeks sore from laughing so hard. This is sure to be a hit with the kids and will make your Christmas season one to remember.    

Gingerbread house 

Making gingerbread houses is a Christmas favorite that the kids are sure to enjoy, and it doesn’t have to be super complicated! There are plenty of easy recipes to follow out there, or you can simply pick up agingerbread house kit to make life a little simpler. Be sure to set the kids up with plenty ofroyal icing to hold the cookie pieces together and tons of tasty treats to use as decorations. Some decorating items you may want to use include:

  • Gumdrops
  • Peppermint rounds
  • Sno-caps candies
  • M&M’s, Skittles, or Reese’s Pieces
  • Pretzels
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Sugar wafer cookies
  • Candy canes


Snow Sled | FUNBOY

Arguably the best Christmas activity to do following a blizzard, sledding is an absolutemust and is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! Get the kids together with their favoriteFUNBOY Snowmobile Sleds and enjoy hours of laughter. Want to know the best part? Going down and back up the hill over and over again is sure to tucker the little ones out, which means bedtime will be a breeze. 

DIY Tree Ornaments 

Let’s be real is the Christmas tree really finished without homemade ornaments? Sure, buying them is always fun. However, there’s nothing better than making your very own ornament and proudly displaying it on the tree or on the mantle. Even if you’re not crafty, there are lots of easyDIY Christmas ornaments that you can find online to keep the kids busy for hours!

Find Santa’s Reindeer

This festive holiday twist on the traditional scavenger hunt is bound to keep you and your little ones entertained for hours on end. Simply print out a few reindeers or, better yet, see if you can find any small reindeer toys at the store. When the kids aren’t looking, hide the reindeers around the house, making sure they’re all tucked away nice and cozy. Depending on how old the kids are, you can make the hiding spots easier or more difficult to find. Then challenge the kids to find as many as they can. You can even add in an extra festive incentive perhaps for each one they find, they’re rewarded with a tasty chocolate coin or a Christmas cookie. Find Santa’s Reindeer is sure to be a hoot, and the kids will love youdeer-ly for it!    

“Pass The Parcel” 

It goes without saying that kids love candy and unwrapping presents, so the popular British Christmas game, “Pass the Parcel,” really is the best of both worlds. About a week or two in advance, find a fun, festive, child-friendly gift and a whole lot of wrapping paper. Wrap the gift literally as many times as you want, putting a piece of candy in between each layer. When the game begins, play some holiday tunes and have the kiddos pass the gift around. When you pause the music, the child holding the gift unwraps a layer.Eventually, the kids will reveal the center of the package the true gift!Pro-tip: avoid fragile gifts because the present will get tossed and dropped repeatedly.A funpuzzle ortube float that can double as a snow tube are great options. If you want everyone to win, the music can be stopped at calculated moments so each child can unwrap a tasty Christmas treat.  

 Christmas Cards 

Another awesome holiday activity that will keep the kiddos busy for hours is homemade Christmas cards! This creative activity deserves a round of applause because not only do they provide the family with an opportunity to get inventive together, but they also spread love and holiday cheer to other family and friends when they receive them. You could even make extras and donate them to a local nursing home or hospital. The beauty of this activity is that your kids’ Christmas cards can be whatever they want them to be their imagination is the limit on what they can create. The best way to let their creative minds shine is to set up a table full of materials, including glitter, glue, felt tip markers, crayons, paint, and cotton wool. This is a simple yet extremely effective way to turn a boring task picking and writing Christmas cards into hours of family fun. 

 Ball Pit 

Want to really get the kids excited this Christmas season? Get an awesome inflatable pool likeFUNBOY’s Ice Cream Kiddie Pool and fill it with red and green Christmas balls to make your very own festive ball pit! This super sweet pool can fit multiple kids for lots of laughs trust us; they’ll be thoroughly entertained for hours on end. Just make sure that they have some form of supervision in there. 

 Paper Cup Luminaries 

Light up the night and have the kids make their very ownholiday luminaries! All you need are white paper cups, markers, tape, construction paper, child-safe scissors, and electric tea lights. Have the kids decorate the paper cups however they like, and when the sun goes down, place the cup over a tea light, andvoila! This activity is super simple, and the kids will be excited to see their masterpiece as soon as it gets dark. 

Christmas Trivia 

Want an easy holiday activity that the kids will love? Get everyone together and play Christmas trivia! Put together a list of festive questions that are not too hard for the little ones to answer. 

Some great questions that you can try include:

  • What are the names of Santa’s reindeer?
  • What vegetable is used to make Frosty’s nose?
  • What ran over Grandma on Christmas Eve?
  • Why didn’t the other reindeer like Rudolph? 
  • What is the most popular item to put on top of a Christmas tree?
  • How many times does Santa check his Naughty & Nice list?
  • When is Christmas Eve?
  • What is Santa’s favorite dessert?
  • Who makes the toys that Santa brings?
  • Who tries to stop Christmas from coming by stealing all things Christmas-related from the “Whos”?

If you have a difficult time coming up with questions on your own, you can easily find some online. Divide the kiddos and have them come up with their own team name and let the game begin! Add in an extra incentive like a tasty holiday treat for the winning team.


Inflatable Snowmobile | FUNBOY

If you want to make this magical holiday season a little more magical,try one of these 12 exciting Christmas activities. The kids will have so much fun that everyone will want to party at the kid’s table! 







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