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Girl Crush: Naila

April 17, 2015 1 min read

Girl Crush: Naila

Funboy Girl Crush: Naila

Meet Naila also known as @N.a.i.l.a. on Instagram, Naila In Vogue on her blog, and one of Playboy's 27 Hottest Girls from Coachella Weekend One. We caught up with her during Coachella and after sharing a bottle of Moet poolside we couldn't agree with Playboy more, Naila was smoking hot at Coachella Weekend One (see the Pegasus pic above for further proof). Oh, and she totally schooled us on how to ride a Flamingo

Name: Naila (I like to use only my first name).

Nickname : NAI (pronounced NYE like beginning of the word Nile). My closest girlfriends made that up about five years ago and they been calling you that ever since, I kind of like it!! 
Profession: Blogger, creative director, stylist model, home cook and wild hearted gypsy! 
Favorite vacation spot: so far it's Kauai... but I'm going to Bora-Bora for the first time in May and I'm pretty sure that is going to be my favorite spot ever, we'll see! 
Drink of choice: I'm always craving frozen icy lemonade!
What do you always bring with you to the beach: tanning oil, raspberry beer and my jambox .
Which FUNBOY inflatable float would you be?: I would certainly be the PEGASUS. It's stunning, shaped like a unicorn (who doesn't love unicorns) and more importantly, I've always wanted to ride one while in a bikini lol.*  It's dreamy, unique, fun and definitely my favorite!
*Fact: FUNBOY makes dreams come true.

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