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2015 #Floatchella Roundup

April 20, 2015 1 min read

2015 #Floatchella Roundup

Inflatable Black Swan | FunboyFUNBOY Black Swan | Image via @Rocky_Barnes. Photo by @Samuel.Black 

When it comes to the Coachella Music Festival, the pool parties alone are a big enough draw to bring some to the desert. This year's top parties included H&M Loves Coachella Bash, the McDonald's party at the Bootsy Bellows Estate and everything that happened at the gorgeous Soho Desert House. Team FUNBOY had no choice but to pack up a few samples from our upcoming 'Get Wet" luxury inflatable collection and head to the heat. Check out our #Floatchella Roundup below and the FUNBOY pool toys in action. 

Inflatable Pegasus Pool Float | FUNBOY

FUNBOY Inflatable Pegasus Pool Toy | Image via @Jenini. Photo by @GrantLegan


Inflatable Black Swan | Rocky Barnes

FUNBOY Black Swan | Image via @Rocky_Barnes. Photo by @Samuel.Black

Inflatable Flamingo Float | FUNBOY

 FUNBOY Inflatable Flamingo

Black Swan Pool Toy | FUNBOY

 FUNBOY Black Swan | Image via @Rocky_Barnes. Photo by @Samuel.Black

The ladies of FUNBOY

The Ladies of FUNBOY @ the Soho Desert House

Flamingo Pool Float | FUNBOY

The FUNBOY Flamingo | Photo via @Sauts

Black Swan Float | Rocky Barnes | FUNBOY

FUNBOY Black Swan | Image via @Rocky_Barnes. Photo by @Samuel.Black

Pegasus Pool Float


FUNBOY Pegasus Float | Image via @N.a.i.l.a


Inflatable Pool Flamingo

The FUNBOY Flamingo Pool Toy 

Luxury Pool Floats

The FUNBOY Pegasus + Flamingo Pool Toy 

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