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6 Reasons An Inflatable Sleigh is The Best Way to Sled

November 04, 2020 5 min read


Everyone knows that one of the best things about winter is flying down a snowy slope. Sledding, the worldwide winter activity we all know and love, has become a winter tradition for many families. There’s simply no greater feeling than the thrill of zipping down a mountain of snow. You can ride a traditional handcrafted toboggan, fulfill yourneed for speedwith a snow tube, or lay flat on your belly on a foam rider as you make your way to the bottom of the hill. There are so many different types of sleds available, but our favorite has to be the inflatable sled. 

If you’ve never had the chance to experience an inflatable sled, then you are truly missing out! Here are six reasons an inflatable sleigh is the best way to sled. 

They Are Lightweight 

If you’ve ever gone sledding with a traditional toboggan or runner sled, chances are you experienced some pretty sore muscles the following day. Why does this happen, you might ask? Because sleds are heavy! Most sleds are made of heavy wood, metal, and plastic materials that can weigh quite a bit, which can make your sledding adventure a little less enjoyable every time you have to trudge it back up the hill for another ride. Inflatable sleds are made of a lightweight vinyl material, making it easier than ever to carry your sled back up the hill. If you want to avoid the woes of sore and tired muscles following a fun-filled day at the local hill, an awesome inflatable sled like theFUNBOY Snowmobile Sled is your best bet. 

They Are Compact 

In addition to being lightweight, inflatable sleds are extremely compact, and you can literally bring them anywhere. Traditional sleds are extremely bulky, are difficult to travel with, and take up a lot of space. With an inflatable sled, you can pack and carry it easily in a backpack, and when you get to your sledding destination, you can simply unpack it, blow it up with ourpump, and enjoy hours and hours of fun. And when you’re done for the day, you can simply deflate and store your sled until next time. For extra portability, you can even use our foot pump, which is small enough to bring anywhere! 

There Are Tons Of Fun Options

Snow tube | FUNBOY

What if we told you that you could sled down the hill in style? Inflatable sleds are loads of fun because they come in a ton of different options. It’s nearly impossible not to crack a smile watching your bestie zip down the hill on a snowmobile sled. Snow tubes are also a popular choice and tend to come in many colorful prints like FUNBOY’s Snowflake Snow Tube. If you are looking for memorable and unique snow-day pictures that are sure to bring in a lot of ‘likes,’ look no further, because a fun inflatable sled is for you!

They Are Fast

If you consider yourself to be a speed demon, an inflatable sled is right up your alley. The vinyl material makes for a super slick sleigh that can out-sled your friends to the bottom of any hill. If you want a leisurely sleigh ride to the bottom of the hill, this type of sled is not for you. Regardless of what you’re riding down the hill, be it an inflatable sled or the lid of your trash can, be smart, be cautious, and always be aware of your surroundings.

They Are Comfortable

Sledding down a snowy hilltop is a blast, but can be a little painful for your derriere. Tailbone injuries hurt and unfortunately, are extremely common in the exciting world of sledding. Why? Because if you ride a wooden sleigh down a hill at fast speeds and happen to catch some air going over a bump, it might be fun to see how high you go, but it’s going to hurt your backsidea lot when you hit the hard surface of your toboggan on your landing. Inflatable sleighs are full of air and will gently cradle you like a baby bird as you glide all the way to the bottom of the hill. Of all the sleighs available on the market, inflatable sleds are, without a doubt, the most comfortable.

How To Prepare For Your Inflatable Sleigh Adventure 

Now that you know all the incredible reasons why an inflatable sleigh is the best way to sled, you’re probably itching to run out the door to head to the nearest hill. But before you do, there are some things that you should consider to prepare for your inflatable sleigh adventure!

Choose The Right Hill

Inflatable sleighs are the best for a multitude of reasons. They are lightweight, fun, easy to carrythe list goes on. However, because they are made of this lightweight vinyl material, it’s important to choose where you are going to sled wisely because they have the potential to break. Avoid hills that have lots of rocks, trees, and other obstructions that could potentially put a hole in your sled. If you live in the city, be sure to stay clear of roads or areas with cars. For the best inflatable sleigh experience, be sure to pick an open hill with a lot of deep snow. 

Layer UP

Before going outside to ride your inflatable sleigh for hours on end, be sure to dress appropriately with lots of layers. The top of the hill can be extremely chilly, and there may even be a windchill that will leave you susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite. Sure, sledding definitely doubles as a workout, and you’ll find running up the hill over and over again will leave you dripping in sweat - but whatever you do, do not remove your layers. Believe it or not, sweating when it’s a bit nippy outside canincrease your chances for hypothermia, because when you sweat and come in contact with ambient air, you’ll feel an immediate chill, which can drop your body temperature by a lot. If your body temperature drops too much,hypothermia will set in, which is a serious medical emergency. Save your mom from worrying and bundle up. 

Stay Hydrated

Speaking of hypothermia, did you know it sets in much faster when you’redehydrated? Keeping your body hydrated is an absolute must if you are planning to spend your day sledding. Be sure to guzzle down plenty of H2O before, during, and after your fun filled day of sledding to keep dehydration and hypothermia at bay. Keep a reusable water bottle on hand at all times or bring a thermos full of piping hot cocoa to keep you warm. Whatever your beverage of choice is, don’t forget to drink it!

Protect Yourself From The Sun

Sunscreen is probably the last thing everyone thinks about when heading outside on a snow day. But the truth is that you are just as susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays in the winter as you are in the summer. In fact, you’re even more at risk of sunburn in the winter because UV rays reflect off the snow. Before heading outside with your favorite inflatable FUNBOY Snow Tube, be sure to slather on the sunscreen on all the areas of your body that are exposed and not covered in layers of clothing. Also, be sure to wear your sunglasses or goggles, becausesnow blindness isnot something you’ll want to experience.    


Snow sleigh | FUNBOY

So, why are inflatable sleighs the best way to sled? Because they are lightweight, compact, fun, reduce the risk for injury, and are extremely comfortable. If you want to experience some serious winter fun this season, do yourself a favor and pick up an inflatable sled like theFUNBOY Snowmobile Sled. Trust us— you’ll be glad you did!






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