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I am Jeremy Scott’s Pink FUNBOY Flamingo. Confessions of a giant pool float

February 28, 2016 1 min read


(Photo courtesy Vogue)

Hello. Last Friday I was outed in a Vogue photo shoot. Given I’ve been fairly shy up to this point, today I’m speaking for my first Flamingo-to-human tell all. Life as a giant flamingo has its perks – the weather is always great, my tan is the perfect shade of pink and I’ve got amazing friends, like supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, photographed riding me at Jeremy’s.

Which brings us to this current photoshoot. The backstory is that I’m currently residing at the Jeremy Scott sanctuary for large birds in the Hollywood Hills. Jeremy is great, he’s creative director of Moschino, has tons of cool stuff and cute friends. What I love most is that Jeremy’s house is simply one of the chicest bird sanctuaries in the world, with an indoor outdoor pool where I’m life of the party day and night.

More to come – my story is just getting started. If you want me for yourself, shop HERE and take me on your next adventure…

(Photo courtesy Vogue)

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