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7 Best Pool Toys for Kids & Adults This Summer

July 25, 2022 6 min read

The pool is the place to be this summer. Cooling off in the water, soaking up some rays from the pool deck, munching on your favorite pool snacks — summer pool days are something that we begin looking forward to basically as soon as one summer ends.

It’s finally around the corner; the excitement for those hot afternoons at the pool starts getting real. What are the new pool toys you’re adding to the lineup this year?

Here are seven amazing pool toys that both kids and adults can enjoy:

Classic Pool Toys For Diving

Pool toys for diving make for a fun swimming activity. You can make up all sorts of little games to play that revolve around diving after pool toys. 

Start out of the water and dive in after classic diving rings that sink to the bottom of the pool. Shoot a torpedo missile through the water and have someone chase after it to retrieve it. 

Turn it into a head-to-head race between two people, or start the stopwatch and make it a race against the clock. Kids love a little healthy competition, and we can’t really blame them!

Or, you can go with a simple but effective classic and dive in after pennies. Part of the fun is the challenge of actually finding the tiny things down on the bottom of the pool. The water and shimmering reflections from the sun can make it a bit tough and add another element to the diving challenge. 

Remember: Diving safety first. Fun second.

Fun Pool Floats 

The selection of pool floats from FunBoy has something to make pool time more exciting for everyone. They’ve got giant inflatable butterflies, flamingos, and swansto float around on like you’re up in the clouds. A disco dome is the hangout spot for four homies to chill in water, in the shade, and on a cushy seat all at once. 

Any of the FUNBOY floats not only make for hours of fun in the water, but they double as an awesome photo opportunity. You might want to review some tips for awesome pool photos before heading to a float-filled pool party.

Sporty Toys 

Bring your favorite sports into the pool. Starting your own Water Olympics is an exciting way to bring some exercise and movement to an otherwise very chill day.

Need some challenge inspiration?

Pool basketball always makes for an intense battle and a ton of laughter. A poolside basketball hoop is perfect if you're trying to cool off and hoop at the same time. Try and jump as high as you can out of the water for a slam dunk. Hit a deep three-pointer from somewhere out on the pool deck to a chorus of resounding applause.

Volleyball is another option that tends to work well in the pool. You can make it as official or as low-key as you want. For a game that’s played like the real thing, you’ll need a volleyball net that hangs across the. A rope or a piece of caution tape are sufficient substitutes (just expect a potential debate about whether the ball went over or under the rope). 

But you don’t have to have official gear to enjoy sports in the pool. You can bump around the volleyball without a net or use an empty trash can as a basketball hoop. 

Then all you need is a ball, and you’re golden. A beach ball is perfect; you can use it for both basketball and volleyball. A disco beach ball is even more perfect (because groovy).

Playing sports in the pool is a good way to include a whole group of people in the summer fun. Status: iconic memories made.

Top Tech Toys l

Crashing by the pool is an opportunity to disconnect from your tech and reconnect with the sunshine on your shoulders. Can’t really bring your phone into the water anyways. 

However, there are a few tech toys that can definitely add to an awesome pool day. 

Set up a BlueTooth speaker to vibe out to your favorite tunes while chilling by the pool, playing with pool toys, and falling asleep with your tie-dye towel over your eyes. 

An underwater camera is another tech toy that makes for fun memories you can share and look back on. There are a few different ways you can go with this one.

Some phones may be able to submerge in water, but a waterproof phone case is a solution if yours doesn’t. An underwater point and shoot is an option as well.

Drinking Toys and Accessories 

There’s not a lot of room for chilling at the pool with a cold drink to get any better. Soaking up the sun, melting stress away, and refreshing your present moment with each and every sip of a delicious cool drink. 

Leave it to FUNBOY to slip a clever drinking accessory into the narrow space between awesome and ohmyfriggingoodness. 

Up the ante on your poolside drinking game with an inflatable shotski. Why a shotski? Because it’s a traditional drinking activity in snow and water-based sports — both of which we know a little something about. 

FUNBOY is the official provider of the most exciting and unique inflatable toys and accessories for the snow and water. We do so in a manner that is both traditional and groundbreaking by reinterpreting classic snow and recreational water activities that everyone loves. 

The Inflatable ShotSki

Blow it up, pour 'em up, toss ‘em back on the count of three. You’re drinkin’ shots from the inflatable ShotSki

Probably the mostawesomest way you’ll ever share a round of drinks in the middle of a pool. 

Pool Beer Palooza

Pass me a drink just became float me a drink. Float: as in, we’re here in floating chairs, passing a floating cooler of ice-cold beverages back and forth to one another across the pool. Is this even real life?

Relaxing Pool Toys

Everyone’s having a good time at the pool.

Picture this… The grill is fired up; people are jumping in the pool; pop radio hits are playing on a carefully curated playlist. Your favorite fringey towel is soft and fluffy, and your sunscreen smells stinkin’ good. Your new flip-flops finally arrived in the mail just in time for the pool day party of the year.

Could this day be going any better?

There’s one more critical aspect that must not go unnoticed.

Your day will not truly vibe unless there happens to be a comfortable spot to spread out and get your suntan on for a sec. The pool is fantastic, but you just want to sit in the sun with a good old-fashioned book. You might even try out the suntan stencils brought in your iridescent tote bag.

Fortunately, this party delivered in the pool lounging department. Not only is there a set of retro-styled lawn chairs, but there are two rainbow chaise loungers

Incredible! Gracefully, you plop down on the inflatable seat that matches your favorite swimsuit, and you look cooler than your chilled lemonade. Yes, please.

Pool Toys for Little Kids

Bubbles are always a hit and make for cute pool photos. Especially if there’s an inflatable rocketship sprinkler in the background. 

Perhaps you have a little one who simply does not go anywhere without Mr. Teddy Bear, their faithful sidekick. Pull your kiddo aside and recommend that Mr. Bear play the role of the lifeguard/supervisor. 

Water is for kids (and water-proof toys). That’s why we are recommending the classic: Cute. Rubber. Ducks. 

Rubber ducks have been around since the late 1800s, with the invention of vulcanized rubber. A speedy rubber duck will make a worthy opponent to a toy speed boat in a race. A strong rubber duck can withstand a cannonball attack from a toy pirate ship. 

If your list has a furbaby, don’t let them be left out of the fun. Your dog may not be able to see all the colors in the rainbow, but they will still love a Rainbow Cloud Dog Float

Fun in the Sun (All Year Long)

When you head to the pool this summer, make sure to bring pool toys for everyone. Something fun for the little ones to play with, something to sip on for the adults, and pool floats that everyone will love. Besides that, all you need is a good playlist bumping and some snacks to keep the party alive. 

This summer is going to be the best summer ever! If you go in with that mentality, enjoy the present moment as much as possible, and set out to make fun summer memories with people you love, there’s no going wrong. Add a pool float to your agenda, and it’s basically set in stone: This summer is going to be unforgettable. 


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