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Funny Pool Floats That Will Make Your Next Pool Party A Hit

October 16, 2020 6 min read

We couldn’t love the sunny summer season any more than we already do. Although, the only thing that’s been making it even better is all the fun floats we’ve been seeingall over social media recently. But, where did these incredibly awesome inflatables come from? It seems like we all settled for the generic solid blue foam raft for, like, the last 50 years, and then all of a sudden, pool floats became a recent trend? Whatever the reason - we’re totally here for it. 

This season, pool floats have taken it up another notch, and we’re beginning to see some of the funniest inflatables hit the water - perfect for your next pool party! From banana tube floats and private jets to red lips and golf carts, you just might be surprised to learn what silly inflatables are on the market this year. 

If you’re planning a fun event by the water, be sure to read this article first. Here are some of the funniest pool floats that will make your next pool party an absolute hit!


Don’t have a big luxurious yacht? That’s okay! Pull the anchor and set sail to the pool party withFUNBOY’s Luxurious Yacht Float instead! Get on the water in style with the sleekest, sexiest - and dare we sayfunniest- float of the summer. This oversize daybed float for two is over 9 feet long and comes with a double reinforced front cooler to fill with ice and all your favorite drinks. 

Don’t forget to bring your furry friend to the party, too, with the matchingFUNBOY X Bark Yacht Dog Float! This pup-sized float has been engineered with dog-safety in mind and is made with a thick puncture-resistant material. It can carry furry friends up to 50 pounds and has a reinforced front treat compartment. With this hilarious matching inflatable, you’ll never have to float and party without your best four-legged pal again.

Golf Cart

If you ask us, some of the funniest floats come in the most creative shapes and designs. TakeFUNBOY’s Golf Cart Float, for example. How funny would it be to see your party guests glide across the pool water on an inflatable golf cart? While you can’t bring the golf course home to the party, you can bring the golf vibes to the pool with the world’s firstfloating Golf Cart Float

Two friends can lounge under the fringe lined removable mesh sunshade while sipping on their favorite summer drink. The integrated backrest provides the optimum upright lounge positioning with enough room to fully extend your legs. 

Pink Retro Convertible 

Beep! Beep! Move asideRed Sports Car, there’s a new luxury vehicle in town. Arrive at the party in style withFUNBOY’s Retro Pink Convertible Float. With the wind in your hair and the water on your toes, this queen-size daybed is sure to bring on the giggles. Fully equipped with a massive front cooler for ice, drinks, speakers, and more- you definitely don’t want to forget this pool accessory. This super comfortable yet luxurious float is designed to resemble a classic convertible and can fit up to two friends for a fun floating experience. 

Clear Pink Glitter Unicorn 

Make relaxing in the pool magical for you and your friends with this funny yet adorable unicorn-shapedpool float that sparkles and shines in the sun.FUNBOY took the classic unicorn and gave it a glittery pink remix. It’s made with a clear translucent material tinted with millennial pink and is filled with glitter for a wild metallic unicorn floating experience. It even comes with a reinforced cup holder to keep your cold beverage dry while floating. 

Red Sports Car

Speed into summer this season with the “fastest” float on the water!FUNBOY’s Red Sports Car Float is sure to get a lot of laughs as it’s practically impossible not to crack a smile on this bright red inflatable. Designed to resemble the great 80’s era sports cars with a shiny red paint job and blue and white racing stripes. This float is perfect for pool parties, comfortably fitting one to two adults. And the best part? This luxurious daybed float features a large cooler in the back, so you are never too far from your next refill. Convenience at its finest! 

Pink Retro Phone

Totally 90’s and perfectly pink -FUNBOY’s Pink Retro Phone Float is sure to make a hilarious addition to any pool party. This phone is so cool that all your friends will be calling to ask where you got it from. It comes with a cup holder and a built-in headrest for ultimate relaxation and is sure to be a party favorite. 

Clear Pink Glitter Flamingo

No longer the talk of the town with your oversized donut pool float? Regain the praise of all your pals with an even more hilarious floaty.The FUNBOY Clear Pink Glitter Flamingo will bring the tropics to your pool party - though good luck fitting this one through doors, hallways, or anywhere really. This oversized design is made of a pink-tinted clear material and is filled with glitter. It inflates in less than two minutes and comes with a reinforced cup holder to keep your summer drink exactly where it needs to be -right next to you! 

Red Lips 

If you’re feeling a little flirty this season, be sure to include theFUNBOY Red Lips Float at your next pool party. This giant floaty measures over six feet in length and is perfect for total poolside relaxation. Lounge on the water with your crush or relax solo, so you secretly scan through your party guests to target your next summer fling! Regardless of your goals, this inflatable is sure to leave you and your pals smiling from ear to ear. 

Don’t forget the matchingFUNBOY 3-Pack Lip Drink Holder - the perfect poolside trio for your cocktail, your beer, or your favorite summer bubbly.

Clear Red Lip Couch 

What could be funnier than a red lips float, you ask? MaybeFUNBOY’s Clear Red Lip “Couch”! Pucker up at the party this summer and lounge on this full-size Lip Couch for some serious relaxation. This floaty features a luscious clear red material and brings back the inflatable furniture vibes from the ’90s. Complete with a cup holder to keep your cocktail firmly in-place during endless summer lounging. Lockinglipshas never been more comfortable.

Pink Banana Tube 

“Thisfloatis bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S” If you want to bring some serious laughs to your summer pool party, look no further and getFUNBOY’s Pink Banana Tube Float. 

Banana float | FUNBOY

This wildly fun oversized tube float comes with a reinforced cup holder for your beverage of choice and is as comfortable as it is fun. Seriously! Once you plop down on this adorably bright banana print float, you’ll never want to leave the party. 

Private Jet

If you’d rather fly than set sail on a yacht this summer - you’re in luck. With theFUNBOY Private Jet Airplane float, you can! Relax in luxe style as this metallic gold and baby blue inflatable glides across the pool. Prepare for take-off and lots of laughs with this fun and unique floaty.   

Rainbow Cloud Lounger 

Want a float that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face at the next pool party? Then you needFUNBOY’s Rainbow Cloud Lounger. This beautifully designed float is arguably the most comfortable solo pool lounger in the world. Find yourself at the end of a magical rainbow with your head in the clouds. The oversized cloud pillow will cradle your head as the rainbow base gently floats your body to help keep cool under the hot summer sun. 

Rainbow Cloud Daybed 

Speaking of rainbows... if you’d prefer to glide across the cool water on an incredibly comfortable daybed with your besties rather than a solo lounger,FUNBOY’s got you covered. 

The Rainbow Cloud Daybed is more than just an inflatable - it is a floating oasis that is, without a doubt, going to be a huge hit at your next pool party. Featuring over 50 square feet of lounging paradise, you can relax on a snowy white cloud as you dream beneath a colorful rainbow.

With this unique float, you’ll never want to leave the water, so be sure to keep yourself properly hydrated and pair it with theRainbow Cloud Floating Bar. This inflatable drink holder includes a double reinforced central drink cooler with four cup holders. Just be sure never to use glass in the pool! 


If you ask us,laughter is the world's best medicine. Make your next pool party an absolute hit this summer season with a steady prescription of unique and funnyFUNBOY pool floats. With FUNBOY, your party is sure to be one to remember!




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