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Slip ‘N Slide Adventures For The Whole Household

October 15, 2020 5 min read

 Whether you’re slip and sliding down the icy slopes in the winter or if you’re slip and sliding through sprinklers on a tarp in the midst of summer, we’re sure everyone can agree that slip and sliding is a whole lotta fun! If you’re in need of some totally awesome, out-of-this-world, slip ‘N slide adventures for the whole household— you came to the right place. 


Winter Fun 

Ah, winter! The moment the air begins to get crisp and snowflakes begin to fall, kids and kids-at-heart all alike head outdoors for some serious winter fun. For some people, this chilly season is an absolute drag, but with a little bit of planning and the right adventure, they just might be able to flip their frowns upside down. 

Here are some great slip ‘N slide activities—winter edition


Sledding is arguably the most fun that anyone at any age can have in the snow. Think about it: it’s nearly impossible not to crack a smile as you uncontrollably zip down a snowy slope. If you’re looking for a great slip ‘N slide adventure for the whole family this winter season, look no further and head outdoors for some good old sledding fun. There are a ton of different types of sleds available on the market today. From the classic runner sled and the trusty toboggan to the foam slider and the flying saucer, there’s a sled available to tickle anyone’s fancy. However, our favorite has to be, without a doubt, the inflatable sled. Why, might you ask? For many reasons! 

Tobbogan | FUNBOY

Inflatable sleds are full of air, so they are much easier to carry than a sled made of wood or metal. Additionally, these babies are much more aerodynamic, meaning you will have a much faster descent down the hill. Lastly, inflatable sleds come in a wide variety of fun shapes and sizes. Yes, that means if you want to zip down the hill on a retro snowmobile sled, you can.  

Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is very similar to sledding, but there is a slight difference. Rather than sliding down the hill on a sled, you slip ‘N slide all the way down on an innertube.

Lucky for you, FUNBOY has a whole new line of snow tubes that are perfect for taking on a snowy hill. Whether you choose our Retro Plaid Snow Tube or a cool Snowflake Snow Tube, you’re sure to have a blast slipping and sliding to the bottom of a hill in this sturdy tube. 

Rather than heading out to an adventure on the local hill around the block, pack up the car, load up the kids, and head to a snow tubing park instead. These super parks have several tubing lanes of perfectly manicured runs that will have you and your kids slip ‘N sliding for hours on end. 


Summer Fun 

Move over winter - it’s summertime! The colder months may have a leg-up because of the icy white powder that blankets the ground for an easy way to slip ‘N slide all winter long, but with the right tools and the right attitude, you can have some great slippery fun in the warmer months too. 

Here are some great slip ‘N slide activities—summer edition

DIY Slip ‘N Slide

A Slip ‘N Slide is a summertime favorite that involves running as fast as you can and sliding down a slippery sheet of plastic. This exciting activity is a blast and is always a huge hit amongst the kids. The problem, of course, as most parents quickly learn, is that most store-bought Slip ‘N Slides are usually either just way too short or too cheaply made. In fact, most Slip ‘N Slides are so thin, they fall apart after only a couple of runs, and trust us— this does not make for a happy kiddo! 

The good news is that making your own slip ‘N slide is really quite simple. All you need is a large roll of thick plastic or a tarp to lay flat in an open grassy area. If you can find a safe hill, that would work even better! Just keep in mind that the steeper the incline, the wilder the ride. Use a few tent stakes or garden staples to hold the corners in place and grab a hose to spray it down. Set your FUNBOY Rocketship Sprinkler along the runway and have the kids do a couple of test runs to see how fast the surface is. If it’s too slow, simply pour some baby shampoo on the plastic. Not only is it an effective lubricant, but it’s much better for the environment than, say, dish soap, and it won’t burn the little one’s eyes. 

Water Slide

What better way to slip and ‘slide’ than on a water slide!? Take your kids on an adventure of a lifetime to a waterpark that has a wide variety of slides for kids of all ages. Whether you’re looking to quench your need for speed on a super thrilling steep slide or if you’re looking to go at a more leisurely pace on a lazy-river style kind of slide, waterparks have something for everyone. Don’t forget to bring your FUNBOY hat to shade your eyes from the sun and plenty of sunscreen. These waterparks usually have freshly cleaned towels that are free for use, but just in case, be sure to also bring your super plush pink cabana towel to dry yourself off when you’re done for the day. 

Pink Towel | FUNBOY

Don’t want to head to a waterpark? No worries! If you have a traditional swing set at home with a slide, you can make your very own water slide. All you have to do is inflate your super cute inflatable FUNBOY Kiddie Pool, fill it with water, add it to the bottom of the slide, andvoila! You’ve just become the neighborhood hero and easily created a way to keep the kids busy for hours. Don’t forget to hook up the Rocketship Sprinkler next to the slide for extra slip ‘N slide fun! This sprinkler is like no other, providing 360 degrees of water action to keep the kids thoroughly entertained. So kick up your feet and relax on your favorite retro lawn chair and watch the kids laugh uncontrollably for hours on end. And the best part? This water activity is sure to tucker the little ones out, which will make bedtime an absolute breeze—bonus! 



There are two types of people in this world: people who love warm weather and people who love cold weather. Whichever season is your cup of tea, both provide an excellent opportunity for some serious slippery fun. 

In the summer, make your very own slip ‘N slide using a large tarp and a sprinkler so your kids can slip and slide until their little hearts are content. Also, be sure to check out a waterpark for some more slip ‘N slide fun on the many waterslides they have to offer. If you can’t get to a waterpark, simply fill your kiddie pool up with water and place it at the bottom of your backyard slide to make your very own wet and wild adventure. 

In the winter, icy snow that blankets the ground is the best when it comes to fun, slippery adventures. No tarp or thick plastic is needed. Simply take your kids to the local hill after a blizzard or on a snow day and let them enjoy hours of fun, slip and sliding uncontrollably down the hill on their favorite sled. For extra laughs, be sure to bring a fun inflatable sled like a Snowflake Snow Tube or a retro snowmobile. These unique sleds are sure to have the whole family smiling from ear to ear.

Snow Tubes | FUNBOY


If you are looking for some slip ‘N slide adventures for the whole household this year, look no further and try one of the activities we’ve listed above!





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