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10 Awesome Ideas for Lemonade Stands

August 14, 2023 6 min read

Hey there, sunshine sippers! Ready to add some extra zesty zing to your summer? We're about to make your sunny days even more refreshing with some awesome ideas to jazz up your classic lemonade stands. 

Not just your average citrus squeeze, these 10 tips will make your stand the yummiest hotspot in town! So, grab your pitcher, prepare your tastiest lemonade, and brace yourselves: It's time to turn lemons into lemonade.

1. Choose the Perfect Location

Location, location, location. It's not just real estate agents who need to worry about finding the perfect spot. Your lemonade stand's success is largely determined by where you decide to set up shop. Look for a spot that has high visibility and plenty of foot traffic. Think parks, local sporting events, or even your own front yard if it's a popular neighborhood thoroughfare.

If your neighborhood is a bit on the quiet side, why not set up your stand at the next block party or community event? You'll have a ready-made customer base, and it's a fun way to meet new people!

2. Design an Eye-Catching Stand

At FUNBOY, we are all about making a splash and standing out from the crowd, and we think your lemonade stand should do the same. Create a stand that not only quenches thirst but also pleases the eye. Remember, you're selling more than just lemonade; you're selling an experience.

Use bright, cheerful colors to make your stand pop. Think sunny yellows, vibrant pinks, and cool blues to draw people in. Hang colorful banners or a homemade sign advertising your delicious lemonade.

Here's a refreshing idea: Why not use our Floating Cabana Bar as the lemonade stand? Available in an on-theme yellow and cream-white color palette, this outdoor entertainer’s dream is guaranteed to add an extra "wow" factor to your stand. 

With a sun shade to keep your lemonade (and ice!) cool in the summer heat, dual circular drink holders, and four cup holders, the Floating Cabana Bar has everything you need to create the ultimate summer lemonade stand in no time at all.

3. Unique Lemonade Recipes

We believe in taking events to the next level here at FUNBOY, and your lemonade stand should be no exception. Sure, classic lemonade is fantastic, but why stop there? Get creative with your offerings.

How about trying a strawberry basil lemonade for a fruity, refreshing twist on the classic? Or what about a lavender lemonade for something a bit more sophisticated? You can even offer a sparkling lemonade for those who fancy a bit of fizz in their drink.

Variety is the spice of life, and a few unique lemonade recipes can make your stand the talk of the town. So, get experimenting, and find your signature summer drink!

4. Create a Themed Stand

Unleash your imagination and transform your lemonade stand into a themed extravaganza. Make your stand a tropical oasis, a vintage soda shop, or even a superhero headquarters. The sky’s the limit, so let your creativity soar.

Creating a consistent and creative theme can attract more customers and make your stand memorable. A themed stand not only sparks joy but also creates an atmosphere that people will love to experience. 

Remember to keep the theme family-friendly, engaging, and enjoyable for all ages. After all, your lemonade stand could be the next big Instagram hotspot!

5. Offer Some Snack-tacular Treats

No one can resist a refreshing glass of lemonade accompanied by a delicious snack. We recommend pairing your creative lemonade flavors with some equally innovative treats.

From lemon bars and cookies to fun, summer-inspired fruit kabobs, there's no limit to the snack-tastic opportunities available. Try offering a combo deal: a glass of lemonade and a snack at a discounted price. It's a win-win for everyone. Your customers get a deal, and you boost your sales. 

Plus, offering snacks is another way to stand out and make your lemonade stand a destination not just for thirst-quenching sips but also for yummy bites.

6. Add a Splash With the Cabana Bar

Looking for an extra zest to send your lemonade stand to legendary status? Enter our Floating Cabana Bar. This isn’t just a floating bar — it's a game changer. The Floating Cabana Bar’s dual circular drink holders are perfect for keeping your lemonade batches icy cold, even on the most sizzling summer days. 

Don’t think you have to limit its use just to the pool. This versatile summer essential can add a dose of whimsical fun to your stand when used as a chic, beach-themed table.

Imagine this: Customers walk up to a lemonade stand only to find the Cabana Bar sitting pretty, filled to the brim with different flavors of lemonade, and garnished with vibrant lemon slices. Talk about a showstopper!

7. Interactive Fun

Who said a lemonade stand needs to be all business and no play? Adding a touch of interactive fun can turn your lemonade stand into the place to be on a sunny afternoon. Set up a game of cornhole, ring toss, or even a simple guessing game with how many lemons are in a jar for a chance to win a free lemonade.

Offering something more than just a refreshing drink can help to create a memorable experience, encourage return visits, and foster a sense of community around your stand. Plus, kids love games, and it's a surefire way to draw in families.

8. Music and More

It's no secret that music makes everything better. Adding a groovy soundtrack to your stand can elevate the mood, create a lively atmosphere, and make people want to stick around longer. It doesn't have to be loud or disruptive; some smooth summer tunes will do the trick.

Consider bringing a portable speaker and creating a fun, summer-themed playlist. From "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince to "Lemonade" by Gucci Mane, music can bring a dash of coolness to your sunny lemonade stand.

9. Incorporate Eco-Friendly Practices

Being eco-friendly is the new cool, and it’s a trend that is here to stay. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that making a difference can be both fun and delicious. Start by ditching the plastic cups and straws and switching to reusable or biodegradable options.

Consider collecting lemon peels for composting, or better yet, use them to make homemade lemon oil or lemon peel candy — a bonus treat for your eco-conscious customers.

Every little bit helps. You'll not only be serving up tasty lemonade but also teaching a valuable lesson about sustainability. Now, isn’t that refreshing?

10. Make It a Community Even

You know what they say: The more, the merrier! Nothing infuses more life and charm into an event than community spirit and shared laughter. Consider inviting everyone into the mix by organizing special events like a Create Your Own Lemonade Day or a Star Lemonade Mixologist contest. The idea behind these events is to pull in more customers and cultivate a sense of camaraderie, neighborhood spirit, and shared excitement.

Think about building partnerships with local businesses or talented artisans to enhance the experience. Maybe a neighborhood bakery can provide locally made treats, or a crafty neighbor might be willing to set up a small pop-up booth with handmade trinkets. 

How about engaging a local musician or band to serenade your customers with live music as they sip on their lemonade? By converting your humble lemonade stand into a buzzing community hub, you create a unique, unforgettable event that goes beyond selling lemonade and creates lasting memories.

Always remember, when you infuse your lemonade stand with warmth, energy, and a generous serving of fun, you're not just selling a beverage but also fostering a sense of unity and building a vibrant community hangout spot. Let's turn that simple lemonade stand into a neighborhood fiesta, one glass of lemonade at a time.

Bonus Idea: Embrace the Power of Social Media

Nothing shouts “FUNBOY” louder than a lively social affair. In this digitally-connected age, why not add a dash of social media magic to your lemonade stand? Create a unique hashtag for your stand, and encourage your customers to post their photos, comments, or even their own lemonade recipes. You could set up a Selfie Spot with fun props or a vibrant backdrop that matches your theme. 

Pro Tip:Offer small rewards for the best social media posts. This will enhance customer engagement and spread the word, and attract more traffic around your stand. 

Wrapping Things Up

Turning your lemonade stand into a summer hotspot is all about thinking outside the box and infusing every aspect of it with fun, creativity, and a sense of community. At FUNBOY, we believe in turning the ordinary into extraordinary, and your lemonade stand should reflect this ethos. 

Remember, the zestiest lemonade stands are those that offer more than just a refreshing drink — they serve up an unforgettable experience. So, go forth, squeeze the day, and let your lemonade stand be the beacon of fun, fellowship, and fruity refreshment that it deserves to be!


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