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Snow Sledding: 5 Fun Ways To Do It

October 24, 2020 6 min read

You can feel it almost as soon as you open your eyes. The world seems a bit quieter, the air is crisp, and the day feels full of potential. A quick peek behind the blinds confirms your suspicions— it's a perfect snow day! The soft white powder is piled up, just begging to be flattened under the speedy weight of your sled. It doesn't matter how old you are; there's nothing quite as fun and freeing as getting outside for some exciting snow sledding adventures.

Sledding is a favorite pastime and a traditional winter activity enjoyed by kids and kids-at-heart alike. It's about the most fun that anyone can have in the snow and can keep the entire family occupied. Whether your choice is to speed down the hill in a toboggan or take it easy riding on a foam slider, it's nearly impossible not to crack a smile as you uncontrollably zip down a hill on your favorite sled. 

If you're looking to go snow sledding this winter season, keep reading for 5 fun ways to do it!

Pick An Awesome Sled 

When it comes to zipping down a snowy slope, there are a ton of sled options. You've got the trusty toboggan, like FUNBOY’s Winter Bloom inflatable toboggan, that can carry you effortlessly down the hill. You have the flying saucer that makes for a speedy race to the bottom of the hill, and the traditional runner sled that can get up to extremely fast speeds if the snow conditions are right. All of these sleds make for a great time, but our favorite sled for some serious sledding fun is no other than the inflatable sled. Why? Because inflatable sleds are made of a lightweight yet heavy-duty Vinyl material making these sleds very easy to carry. This means you won't hurt your back or pull a muscle trying to drag your sled back up the hill for another ride. 

Additionally, these sleds come in awesome designs like theFUNBOY Snowmobile Sled, which pays homage to classic snowmobile vibes and the colors of 1970's retro ski era. Slide down the hill in style and enjoy a quick descent to the bottom on an inflatable sled. Not only are these sleds extremely comfortable to ride, but they are much more aerodynamic than other types of sleds making for an exhilarating and speedy sledding experience. Once you try sledding on an inflatable sled like theFUNBOY Snowmobile Sled, you'll never want to sled on anything else!

Choose The Right Hill

Snow hill with Sled | FUNBOY

If you want to really maximize your day of fun snow sledding, it's wise to keep in mind that not all sledding hills are created equal! The perfect hill to go sledding down will have a long, wide-open run that fans out at the bottom. No matter how deep the snow is, you'll want to pick a hill without obstacles such as boulders, rocks, trees, or stumps, which can cause some serious damage to your sled. The hill should be steep enough for your sled to gather momentum for the ride, but not too steep where it sends you careening into danger. Keep in mind that the more packed the snow, the faster you'll go. And the faster you go, the more stopping space you'll need. Avoid hills that are close to roads, parking lots, and moving cars. Also, stay away from icy lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Check Out A Fun Snow-Tubing Park 

From toddlers and adults to kids and teens, sledding is a favorite pastime enjoyed by people of all ages. However, with that in mind, it's easy to see why the local sledding hill in the neighborhood can sometimes get a little overrun. Everyone wants a turn whirling down the hill on their favorite sled. But when there are too many people trying to slide down the hill simultaneously, accidents can happen, and trust us— a sledding injury is no fun. If you find that the local sledding hill is too crowded for your taste, simply pack up the car and head to a super fun snow tubing park!

These super parks have several tubing lanes of perfectly manicured runs that are designed with safety in mind. A snow-tube operator is in control of how many sledders can zip down the hill to lessen the risk of injury. Additionally, most snow tubing parks offer a conveyor lift or a handle tow that provides a much easier climb back uphill. 

Want to really increase the 'fun' this winter season? Find a park that offers a sledding experience such as glow snow tubing. Picture hopping on an innertube and gliding effortlessly down a tubing track illuminated by colorful floodlights shifting from blue to green, red to orange, and pink to purple. These tracks are an absolute blast and make for an extremely fun way to go sledding. Look for a snow tubing park in your area— you'll be glad you did!

Call All Your Pals 

What better way to have fun this winter season than with all your best pals? Think about it - watching your bestie uncontrollably zip down a snowy slope on a fun sled likeFUNBOYs inflatable snowmobile sled or our Retro Plaid Snow Tube is sure to have you giggling for hours on end.. When it comes to sledding, the more, the merrier! Make it a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite winter dish. Don't forget to bring warm beverages to help beat the cold such as hot apple cider and cocoa. Mmmm!  

Safety First! 

If you want to have fun sledding, safety is of the utmost importance. Sledding injuries are no joke, and every year the ER sees more and more people due to a sledding accident. Here are a few safety tips to make your sledding adventure not only a fun one but a safe one!

Bundle up. Believe it or not, sledding safety begins before you even head outdoors. Time to break out your best winter gear! The warmer you dress, the longer you'll be able to stay outside in the cold. Wearing layers of warm clothing will protect you fromhypothermia andfrostbite. Thick winter clothing will also serve as padding in case of a sledding crash— bonus!

It's important to wear gloves, snow boots, a hat, and a winter coat. If you wear a scarf to help keep your neck warm, be sure it's not too long. A long, dangling scarf could get caught in the sled and cause a neck injury or, even worse, strangulation.  

Wear waterproof clothing when possible, and stay away from cotton. Cotton may easily become damp from the wet snow and takes forever to dry. Pick wool instead. 

Wear a helmet. Ah, the infamous helmet debate! To wear a helmet sledding, or not to wear one. We get it, wearing a helmet might seem a bit silly, but when you take into consideration the speed at which sledders go downhill a helmet makes a ton of sense.. Wear a snowboarding or skiing helmet if you own one. If not, a bicycle helmet will do. 

Sled feet first.Sledding headfirst puts you at a much greater risk for a head injury. If you hit an object head first, your noggin would get the brunt of the impact. It's tempting to make sledding more exciting by going head first or sitting backward or even trying to stand. Sledding in these positions is dangerous. You'll have more control if you sit facing forward with your feet first. This position allows you to scan for hazards like rocks or other sledders as you're sliding downhill. You'll also be able to stop and steer more easily. 

Final Thoughts 

There are so many fun and exciting things to do in the winter. From crazy snowball fights to building magical snowmen andsnow forts, there are many ways to get outdoors and enjoy the winter season. However, of all the fun-filled winter activities, sledding is arguably the best and one of the greatest ways to play in the snow. 

IInflatable snowmobile | FUNBOY

If you are looking to spice up your sledding adventure this winter, look no further and give one of our five fun ways to do it listed above. Whether you decide to zip down a snowy slope on your favoriteFUNBOY snowmobile sled or head to a snow tubing park, you are sure to have a memorable day in the snow!





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