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Water Balloon Fights: How To Host Your Own Water Balloon Party

December 31, 2021 6 min read

A well-executed water balloon party is sure to be an absolute blast. It’s a party idea that stands out and will bring about joy and laughter for children and adults alike. Most people have some sort of experience withwater balloons, which are often associated with summer camp or elementary school field day. However, not everyone has hosted their own epic water balloon party.

The joy that comes with water balloons speaks for itself. A bucket of water balloons on a hot day is a quick recipe for a fun activity that will help cool you off. However, there are several ways you can use the simple joy of water balloons as inspiration for a full-blown afternoon bash.

These tips will help make your water balloon party a splash for everyone:

Water Balloon Party Supplies 


The amount of water balloons you get depends on how many people you anticipate coming to your party. A solid estimation is to prepare at least ten water balloons per person. That means a party of ten will need at least 100 balloons. It seems like a lot, but it will go pretty fast once the water fight starts.

A good way to make sure you have plenty of water balloons is to invite a few people to help you fill them up. Or, you can ask someone to bring a bucket of pre-filled water balloons to the party. Good friends will be excited to pitch in and help make your party a hit!

There are also certain types of water balloons that can be filled up in clusters. These types of balloons will greatly decrease the time it takes to fill up enough balloons for everyone. 


If you plan on using a hose to fill your water balloons, a nozzle is necessary. Otherwise, the wide mouth of the hose. Additionally, its rough surface will most likely tear your balloon as you try to fill it.

A water balloon nozzle will screw right into the end of the hose or spout and provide a thinner opening to fit the water balloon over. Look for this nifty device as you’re buying the water balloons; it’s common for packs of water balloons to include one. 


A funnel can be used in place of a nozzle. A funnel allows you to use water from essentially any source. Not to mention, the thin end is an ideal shape and size for the open end of the balloons. 

Water Source

You’ll need a water source for filling up your balloons.

Here are the four main options with their advantages and disadvantages:


  • Advantage:Can also be used as a weapon of mass destruction during the water battle. 
  • Disadvantage:Requires nozzle or funnel. 


  • Advantage:Common sinks usually have a faucet that works well without the need for a funnel or nozzle. 
  • Disadvantage: Inside sinks aren’t ideal for use during a water fight. 

Container For Balloons

You’ll need a place to stage the water balloons once they’ve been filled. You can go with a basic bucket or plastic bin filled with water, heck even a trash can would work, but none of those are the most exciting options.

To present the water balloons in the most exciting and aesthetically appealing way possible, go with a kiddie pool, like thisbohemian-themed inflatable pool. This will bring a wow factor that displays tons of colorful water balloons as the centerpiece of the party.

Party Location 

Water balloon fights are best done on an open grass field. This usually means either in your backyard, a park, or perhaps a public school during summer or on a weekend, depending on district regulations.

Make sure that your party location has a large enough space to run around and toss water balloons. It’s a plus if you have a water source on site to fill up balloons at your convenience. Access to a bathroom is important for your guests as well. 

Splash Ready Party Decor 

A next-level party is complete with decor that fits the theme. Traditional party decorations aren’t necessarily going to work at a water balloon party. They’d probably end up getting wet, which will make them a real downer. 

These inflatable decor options are both functional and will add a whole lot of excitement and style to your water balloon bash:

  • Inflatable Sprinkler:An inflatable sprinkler, like thisgroovy mushroom or thisrocket sprinkler, will add an exciting visual element to your party layout. You can use it in the middle of the water balloon battlefield as an obstacle to hide behind and a way to add to the water fun.
  • Splash Pad:Acute splash pad is another functional decoration piece for your water balloon party. It’s perfect for including little kids who might not be ready to get hit with a water balloon, and it’s going to look awesome as part of your setup. 

Water Balloon Games 

There’s definitely a time to let people go all out with a free-for-all water fight, but you might also want to build up the excitement to that point with some water balloon games that are a bit more structured. There aretons of games you can play with water balloons.

Here are a few favorites:

Water Balloon Toss 

A classic water balloon game: The goal of water balloon toss is to challenge teams of two to see the furthest distance they can toss a water balloon without it breaking. Line up pairs facing one another at a minimal distance.

Each time the water balloon is successfully tossed and caught without bursting, one of the partners takes a step back. Play it round by round, each team tossing the balloon at the same time. The last team remaining wins.

Water Balloon Towel Rally

For this game, you need at least two ofyour favorite beach towels. One person will hold each side of the beach towel and work together to snap the towel and launch the water balloon to another pair. They will then work together to catch the water balloon in their towel. 

See which four people can make the longest rally without the balloon breaking. Take it to the next level by playing over a volleyball or badminton net.

Sharks and Minnows Splat 

For a water-filled adaptation of the classic sharks and minnows game, add water balloons as the tagging element for the game.

Start with one or two people as the sharks: their goal is to splat the minnows with a water balloon as they run from one end of the field to the other. Whoever gets hit picks up a balloon and joins the sharks in the next round. Last minnow remaining is the champion.

Duck, Duck, Sploosh 

This is another adaptation of a classic lawn game that younger kids will enjoy. You play it just likeDuck, Duck, Goose, only when a player is selected as Goose, a water balloon is gently popped over their head. It’s a simple game that brings out tons of giggles!

Water Balloon Art 

Add a few drops of food dye or water-based paint to water balloons and hang them up using thumbtacks on a piece of cardboard propped up on an easel. Place a piece of watercolor paper or canvas under the balloons. Then, throw darts to pop the balloons and create drippy streams of color on the canvas.

It’s process art that is both challenging and fun. If you like, make a competition out of it by having more than one canvas and seeing which team can pop all their balloons first. 

Scrap Pick Up Game 

After the last balloon has been thrown, it’s important to pick up the water balloon scraps. You can make a game out of picking up water balloon scraps to get it done quickly!

A Splashing Good Time 

A water balloon party is a fun and memorable alternative to a pool party that anyone can host with a bit of preparation.

Make sure you’ve got a good location that includes a field for activities, some exciting water-ready decor and plenty of water balloons for games and water fights!


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