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Why Traveling First Class on Your Next Vacay Is Worthwhile

July 25, 2022 6 min read

First-class travel is the luxury way to get from here to there. It’s the way to make what might be a stressful, uncomfortable journey into something relaxing and enjoyable.

If you’ve never traveled in the front of the plane before, you might be wondering: Just what’s so special about first-class travel anyway? And is it worth it? 

It certainly has its benefits. Some people won’t fly any other way. Once you get a taste of it, you might not want to go back to the other side of the curtain.

This guide considers the reasons why traveling first class on your next vacation might be totally worth it. From the in-flight experience to the way you feel when returning home from an amazing vacation, traveling first class on vacation ensures that your trip gets off to a great start and ends with the same. 

The Other Side of the Curtain

Before going any further, let’s address the curtain for a moment. Some airlines have a curtain between first class and economy. Some people find it ridiculous, and it kind of is. But it doesn’t have anything to do with anyone being better than anyone else. 

The curtain does serve a purpose. It’s really just for helping flight attendants stay organized, ensure passengers use the lavatories in their section of the plane, and to minimize passengers seeing the differences in their in-flight experiences.

Another unofficial effect that it often has is making the economy passengers curious. What exactly is happening up there? Are they eating lobster tails and sipping champagne? They might be, but it’s not always that fancy.

The benefits of first-class are often more practical than they are extravagant. Let’s take a look:

A Lot More Space

If you like your personal space, if you like being able to stretch out and adjust your position without bumping elbows with the person next to you, first-class or business class is where you’ll find the room to fully relax. Shorter business class flights will have wider seats and more leg room. 

If you travel first class internationally, you might even get a private little space of your own, curtained off and complete with a fully reclinable seat. Wider aisles and bigger trays give you more room to move about and place your belongings. 

On the other hand, economy class is known to be somewhat cramped. If you’re any taller than five and a half feet, you might feel a bit like a sardine in a tin can. It’s basically the opposite of “are you tall enough to ride the ride” at amusement parks.

Easier To Sleep 

When you have more space to stretch out (and you’re not bumping elbows with a stranger), it’s a lot easier to get sleep on the plane. For many, sleep is the number one preferred activity on airplanes. There’s a reason many people take pills or pound drinks as soon as the plane is in the air. 

Not only does sleeping on the plane help the flight go by quickly, but it also gives you that extra bit of rest before arriving at your vacation destination. Get some Z’s in the air so that you feel fresh when you land. Put your best foot forward as you step off the plane and into your much-needed vacation. 

Elite Seats

Comfortable seating is another big selling point. If the seating in economy feels like a tiny school desk, like one in a kindergarten classroom that you can hardly fit your knees under — the seats in the front of the plane feel more like a living room recliner. 

That means you can start your loungy vacation the moment you get on the plane. Close your eyes, and you might feel like you have already made it to paradise, chilling poolside in an inflatable clear blue chaise lounger

Food and Drink

Along with relaxing by the pool, indulging in nice food and drink is another vacation favorite. Why not get started during your travel to your final destination? If that’s your plan, you better be sitting in first class. 

While most airlines aren’t exactly known for their food, you’re more likely to try something delicious in the front of the plane. Not taking anything away from peanuts and pretzels; they’re honestly fantastic, especially as daycare snacks.

But if you’re trying to live it up a bit and let your inner foodie explore, the menu in first class is where you want to order from. We’re talking lasagna, ice cream, and maybe even champagne. 

First On, First Off

First-class gets to board first. That means you get to settle in, maybe even order a drink while others are still boarding the plane. You’ll always have room for your luggage in the overhead bins as well, while the others might have to fight for space to store their roller bags. 

You also get to be the first off the plane, which is a nice bonus. No matter how long or how short your flight is, it’s hard not to feel a bit antsy when the plane lands and vacation awaits you outside. You just want to get off the plane!

Well, so does everyone else. In economy class, there always seems to be this unanimous sort of itch that overcomes the group as a whole. Everyone stands up as soon as the seat belt sign dings off, even when the doors aren’t open yet.

Runway Restlessness 

And then there are those people who have the nerve to try and force their way past people when the line is not even moving. 

Like, yes, we get it. Everyone wants to get off the plane. But it’s ridiculous to think that you’re actually going to make the process any easier or quicker by trying to push your way past people when there’s clearly a line that’s not moving anywhere! Sit down and chill for a few more minutes.

But in first class, you don’t have to deal with this. If you’re someone who gets antsy to get off the plane, it’s far better to be in first class. If you don’t have the privilege to travel first class, the best way to deal with runway restlessness is to simply observe the pandemonium and try your best to find it amusing. Or close your eyes and imagine yourself floating on top of a giant flamingo.

Moist Towelette, Anyone?

This one is sweet and simple. In the first-class cabin, you get offered a warm moist towel to freshen up and ease you into supreme relaxation. There aren’t a ton of places where you’re offered this particular kind of delicacy. It really can make you feel like royalty, even more so when you’re about to spend your hard-earned vacation chilling on an inflatable crown. 

Is the towelette alone worth the price differential? That one is debatable, but it very well may be. The only thing that can beat the iconic moist towelette is a luxury towel lying by the pool or the beach. 

Better Chance of Sitting Next to Someone Famous

This may not be the main reason for flying first class, but it might as well be noted. You’re probably not going to catch your favorite celeb stuffed next to you and the screaming baby in 34B.

However, there are certain A-listers that have been known to fly coach (although they probably have been on private jets from time to time as well). You might have a vacation story to tell before you even get to your vacation if you fly in the front of the plane. 

Buy Your Own Jet

If you want the private jet experience but don’t want to spend your life’s savings, you can go with an inflatable private jet from Funboy instead. It’s a different kind of luxury experience that will add hours upon hours of fun to your vacation without busting the budget. 

Sky’s the Limit

In conclusion, it is totally worth it to fly first class on your next vacation. You’re on vacation, right? Vacations are about treating yourself and hanging out by the pool with an inflatable cooler filled with your favorite beverages— not about squeezing between strangers and having to pay extra fees for additional carry-on items. 

If you can afford it, go for it. The extra space, better food, and luxurious travel experience are a great way to bookend your dream vacation. If you’re not certain and haven’t traveled first class before, there’s only one way to know if the experience is worthwhile for you—- you gotta try it out.

Enjoy your vacation!


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