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How To Throw a Beach Baby Shower: 7 Great Ideas

July 25, 2022 6 min read

First of all, if you’re planning a beach baby shower, congratulations! Or, congratulations to the person you’re planning it for. Whoever is having the baby, hosting a baby shower at the beach is a fantastic choice. 

Not only is it exciting and unique, but it makes for some cute photos of the mom-to-be with her baby bump and the people who love and support them. Not to mention, it’s the beach! Any excuse to gather with friends at the beach is a good one, and something as special as a baby shower is about as good as it gets. 

It’ll be a party that celebrates mom and the baby and shows their biggest supporters just how much they are loved and appreciated. 

Check out these seven ideas for throwing an amazing beach baby shower:

Beach Baby Decor

For your beach baby shower decorations, you just gotta think about mashing together the best of both elements. Beach plus baby is what we’re going for here. Decor that nails both sides of the formula is going to stand out as cute, clever, and memorable. 

If you’re able to host the party on the actual beach, you already have a lot going for you. It’s kinda hard to miss the beach theme when you’re sitting on one. But you can still pull off a beach-themed shower even if you’re nowhere near the coast; you just might have to play up the beach side of things a bit stronger. 

Pink or Blue Seashells

Collect seashells of all different shapes and sizes (or just pick some up from the craft store because seashells of all different shapes and sizes can be surprisingly tricky to find depending on the beach). Paint the shells whichever color you’re expecting. You can do some of both if you’re keeping it a surprise. 

Use the shells as centerpieces, either by themselves or in a glass jar or vase. Scatter them about in the sand around the party. Give them out as party favors. You can also write little notes in them if you want, or have your guests write encouraging words for mom and the baby. 

Inflatable Beach Furniture

Give your guests comfortable places to sit and lay out while also playing up the theme of the party by adding exciting beach furniture to the mix. Plus, the expecting mom needs somewhere to sit — she’s tired and deserves to relax like the queen she is. 

To hit both elements of the theme, all you’ve got to do is choose the right color. The clear blue chaise loungers from FunBoy are perfect if you’re having a boy. They come in pink as well. 

You could also go with a giant pink flamingo, retro pink convertible, or a blue swan. A large-scale inflatable will add a wow factor to your beach decor and make a great spot for people to hang out on the beach or in the water.

Hosting a pool party or a lake get-together to celebrate the new mom-to-be? This inflatable blue cabana allows four people to sit or float together and talk about how impressed they are with your awesome party setup.

Beach Baby Shower Games

There are two ways you can approach beach baby shower games that will merge the two themes together. The first way is to take classic baby shower games and beach-ify them. The other is to take classic beach games and baby them up a bit. 

To turn your favorite beach games into baby shower battles, it can be as simple as having pink or blue frisbees to throw or beach balls to play with. You might even find a pink or blue volleyball. You could spray paint some horseshoes to toss or paint some custom cornhole boards. 

Or you can add beach elements to classic baby shower games. Alter the “guess the tummy circumference” game to use something beachy to measure with, like leis or shell necklaces linked together. For another fun competitive twist, have guests bet on the due date! 

Fill baby bottles with a tropical drink and see who can finish it the fastest. Do a diaper raffle and offer a prize that fits the theme, like a beach tote bag filled with goodies or a super soft beach towel.

What Does a Beach Baby Shower Playlist Sound Like? 

Music adds that extra element to the party that fills in the spaces like nothing else can. It adds movement and emotion to a gathering and sets the mood. Where people are already gathered, music brings them even closer together by creating another layer of common ground for them to share. Make sure your portable speaker is charged and ready to go for the party!

What exactly does the perfect playlist sound like? 

Well, that’s entirely up to you. Or whoever you put in charge of the music. Honestly, theme music can be tricky to pull off. Sometimes, it’s best to just bump your favorite jams and not worry about whether it fits into a theme. 

However, there are some classics you might want to make sure get played. Perhaps your beach baby shower playlist includes a rotation of summer hits interspersed with beachy classics like “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys.

It might be funny to play Justin Bieber’s “Baby” every third song. Some people will love it, others not so much — and it will probably get old pretty quick, but it’s definitely on theme.

Party Favors They’ll Actually Use

Has anyone ever turned down a party favor? They’re the best, right? Like, here’s a gift for showing up and having a blast at an awesome party. Pretty great deal, isn’t it? 

Especially if the party favors are something you’ll actually get some use out of. Custom can koozies are a fun option and allow you to get clever with the slogan. Pink or blue sunglasses are practical for the day of and great to stash in the center console of your vehicle. Mini hand sanitizers, sunscreens, and bath bombs will also be used and appreciated.

Photo Ops

Remember the inflatable beach furniture we covered above? They make great photo ops. Actually, everything Funboy makes is going to add a pop of something awesome and trendy to your photos. 

Hula skirts, coconut tops, and flower leis make excellent additions to the shower photo shoots as well, especially if they’re the right color! Perhaps some of the silly giant sunglasses as well, pink or blue, if you so choose. Putting these elements together in one photo will capture the vibe pretty well. 

Consider hiring a photographer or asking your friend with that fancy camera if they’d be willing to shoot some precious photos of the crew. If you’re on the beach, pause everything at sunset and gather everyone for a sweet photo to commemorate the event.

A Clever Hashtag

If you’ve got cute beach baby decor and photo ops for days, you might want to choose a unique hashtag as an easy way for everyone to share photos. The perfect hashtag is something that is both personal and also communicates the reason the photos are being taken in the first place. 

Here are a few examples to get your mind going. The “___” is where you'd put your name, last name, or the baby’s name. 




Food and Drink To Fit the Vibe

If the food is yummy, nobody will be upset that it doesn’t fit the theme perfectly. However, if it’s delicious andon theme, it could be something they remember for years to come. “Ahh, yes, I remember now… it was at the baby shower. I had like four pink coconut donuts.” 

Macaroons are a tasty treat that you can find in the right color. You can get them in tropical flavors as well. Cake is a baby shower classic; make it beach-worthy by topping it with a pink or blue surfboard. Everyone loves chips and salsa, and blue corn tortilla chips are perfect if you’re having a boy. Stage your chips in a blue beach pail, and you’ve absolutely nailed it. 

Beach Babes 

All your loved ones gathered on the beach to celebrate you and the baby! What a beautiful picture that is, and such a fun time it will be. Between photo ops, tasty snakes, fun games, and beach lounging, your people might request that you have more babies and more showers.

Congratulations again, and please be sure to let your ride-or-dies help you with anything you need to get ready for the beach baby shower. 


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