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What's The Best Way To Clean An Inflatable Kiddie Pool?

January 30, 2021 6 min read

The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and the sun is shining.Ahh—it must be summer! If you ask us, no season is better than summer. From backyard hangs and bachelorette weekends to pool parties and barbecues, we’re getting ready to slide into the best season for some serious outdoor entertaining! 

And while everyone from soccer moms to colorful influencers and everyone in between is currently giving some major love to super awesome pool floaties, we found something a little different this season to obsess over: inflatable kiddie pools

We know what your thinking, and yes, kiddie pools are meant for, well, the kiddies, but with the current pandemic sweeping over the nation forcing us to stay home, adults have been finding ways to enjoy these super versatile pools, too. 

Think about it: when you’re looking to get your daily dose of vitamin D, rather than sitting in your old lawn chair feeling sticky from the sweat and dashing in and out of the air-conditioning every time you need a break from the sun’s harsh UV rays, why not just invest in a top-notch inflatable kiddie pool? You can gently submerge yourself in the cool, crisp, shallow pool water while sipping on your favorite afternoon bubbly, catching up on the latest gossip on social media. Doesn’t that sound nice? Yeah, we think so too!

There are a ton of different benefits of having an inflatable kiddie pool:

You Can Create An Oasis In Your Own Backyard.

We all know how challenging this last year has been. Parties and different events have been postponed, beaches and pools closed, and for some, they feel summer has basically been canceled. Well, we have good news for you: with an inflatable kiddie pool, you can create an endless summer in your very own backyard!

Simply fill up your inflatable pool with water, turn up the tunes, and relax with your favorite summer drink in hand. We love staycations, and an inflatable kiddie pool can help make them that much better—just don’t forget to stay hydrated and wear plenty of sunscreen!

Want to take your backyard oasis to the next level? Add a few buckets of hot water from the sink to help warm the water in your inflatable kiddie pool. Or, if you can a few hundred bucks, call your local handyman and have him install a basic hot water spigot on the outside of your house near your kiddie pool so you can easily add warm water with a hose. Never sit in icy-cold pool water again!

You Can Take It To The Beach

Okay, so this may sound a little silly, but hear us out. Have you ever thought about taking your kiddie pool to the beach? No? Well, you should. Bringing your inflatable kiddie pool to the ocean is an excellent way to get your tan on while still enjoying the salty air—without the seaweed! Plus, if you have little ones, a kiddie pool is a perfect way to keep them cool. Just toss in a few beach toys, and they will be entertained for hours on end. 

You Can Make a DIY Ball Pit

Since we’re on the topic of little monsters, another great way to keep them busy all afternoon is by making your very own ball pit using—you guessed it—an inflatable kiddie pool! You don’t have to be super crafty to make one of these simple ball pits, all you have to do is inflate your kiddie pool in the house, add FUNBOY Ball Pit Balls, and voila—you just created your very own FUNBOY ball pit!

You Don’t Have To Share Your Pool With Other People’s Kids

Not really akid person? Never fear! The beauty of having an inflatable kiddie pool is that you can use it in the privacy of your own home that can fit no more than two large adults. Forget a public pool full of loud, crazy kids, and enjoy relaxing in a pool all to yourself. 

It Can Fit In Small Places

Another amazing benefit of owning an inflatable kiddie pool is that it can fit in small places. So if you happen to live somewhere that doesn’t have enough room for a full-sized swimming pool but still want to take a dip from time to time, you need one of these super versatile pools. 

FUNBOY’s inflatable kiddie pools are 66” in diameter and 18” tall, which is ideal for any small backyard, deck, or terrace. They are perfect to fit two large adults or several tiny tots and utilize industry-leading safe, non-toxic, soft-touch vinyl that is free from harsh chemicals. 

It Gets You Outside

Did you know that going outside provides many different health benefits? Seriously! Just twenty quick minutes soaking up the sun is all you need to increase the happy hormones in your brain. In addition, the sun provides our bodies with the all-important vitamin D, which is an essential vitamin for many things such as bone health. So do your body some good this summer, inflate your FUNBOY kiddie pool and get outside. 

Make aLoooove Nest

Netflix and chill with your honey in your very own private love nest in a large inflatable kiddie pool like FUNBOY’s Clear Pink Heart Ball Pit! Inflate your pool in front of the TV and fill it up with warm, cozy blankets and large fluffy pillows. Put on a movie, snuggle up, and sip on your favorite wine. Have kids? If lying in a kiddie pool doesn’t exactly appeal to you, you can set this up for your little ones, too, but, err, without the wine. 

Pro Tip: On a warm summer’s night, take your love nest to the porch for stargazing. 

How To Clean Your Inflatable Kiddie Pool 

Now that you know some of the incredible ways to use an inflatable kiddie pool let’s discuss how to clean it so you can use it for many years to come. 

Many kiddie pool owners like to use chlorine or even bleach to clean their pools, but we personally are not a fan of chemicals and prefer more natural methods. Besides, chlorine and bleach are really not recommended for these types of pools anyway because a large portion of the water is usually lost through splashing or from spilling out, making it difficult to figure out exactly how much disinfectant should be added. 

Additionally, not only are chemicals bad for you and your kids, but they are bad for the environment, and if the chemically-treated water splashes on your grass or flower garden, you risk hurting them. 

But don’t worry! It’s pretty simple to clean your inflatable kiddie pool, even without chemicals. Here’s how:

Always Clean Your Kiddie Pool After You Use It

It doesn’t matter if you are in your pool for the entire day or just an hour or two; after each round of splashing around, it is of the utmost importance to clean your pool. Not only will it help to keep your inflatable kiddie pool in amazing condition, but it will stay crystal clean for the next use. And the best part? Since these pools are rather small, they are extremely easy to empty and clean. In fact, all of FUNBOY’s inflatable kiddie pools come with an integrated drain plug to help make life just a little bit easier. 

To clean your inflatable kiddie pool, you will need the following:

  • Soap (dish soap works!)
  • Bucket
  • Hose
  • Sponge

Steps to clean kiddie pool:

  1. Begin by draining all the water from your kiddie pool after use. You can simply pull the drain plug for a gradual drain or deflate the pool, allowing the water to spill over the deflated sides.
  2. Grab your handy-dandy bucket and fill it with water.
  3. Add a couple of drops of soap (we recommend eco-friendly dish soaps) to the water and stir it well until it gets nice and soapy. 
  4. Dip your sponge into your soapy water solution and begin scrubbing all the pool’s surfaces, making sure not to forget any of the nooks and crannies. 
  5. Give your inflatable kiddie pool a good rinse to clear any residual soap. 
  6. Next, grab a clean towel and wipe down the sides to dry your pool.
  7. Lastly, allow your kiddie pool to dry in the warm summer sun for a few hours. This is the most crucial step because the sun works naturally to clean, so don’t forget to do this step!

And voila! You now have a squeaky-clean inflatable kiddie pool. 

A Final Word

Move over full-sized swimming pools, inflatable kiddie pools are here to stay! Take your summer to the next level with a FUNBOY inflatable kiddie pool for ultimate relaxation. Just be sure to clean your pool properly to keep it in great condition for many years to come. 


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