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Everything You Need For Some Winter Fun

October 27, 2020 6 min read


It goes without saying that it can be quite difficult to get inspired to partake in activities in the dead of winter. It's easy to veg out on the couch, scroll through your Instagram, and daydream about warmer days and sunkissed tans. But even when the chilly weather and snow seem to have lost their appeal, it's possible to restore your love for the season.

Whether you prefer to stay warm and cozy indoors or venture out into a winter wonderland, there are plenty of fun things you can do in the colder months. Not sure what you need for some winter fun? Keep reading— we've got you covered!



First, on the list of things you'll need for some winter fun, this season is a sled—duh! Sledding has to be about the most fun that anyone can have in the snow. It doesn't matter if you're five or one hundred and five, sledding is sure to crack a smile on just about anyone's face. There are a ton of different sleds available on the market today, from the classic trusty toboggan sled to the flying saucer, options are endless. 

If you're looking to ride the icy slopes with your besties, the "mini-van" of sleds, otherwise known as a toboggan, can carry four to five people down the hill. Want to quench yourneed for speed? A Snow Tube with a slick bottom is likely more up your alley! Prefer to ride down the hill in style on a retro snowmobile sled? An inflatable sled is for you. Whatever your sled-of-choice is, you'll definitely need one for lots of winter fun.


Snow Tube

Similar to the classic sled, another item that you'll need for some winter fun is a snow tube. Snow tubing is the same idea as sledding, except instead of a toboggan or saucer, you allow gravity to take you down the hill on a round innertube. Why a snow tube, you may ask? 

Snow Tube | FUNBOY

Well, quality snow tubes are strong but lightweight enough to carry back up the hill for ride after ride. The ride on a snow tube is a little more comfortable, as well, because you’ve got all that inflated air under you, and you basically get to lie down while you’re sledding! Just make sure that you’re getting a good quality snow tube because many brands are fragile and will crack in the cold. FUNBOY’s Snow Tubes are the best tubes that are reinforced with a flat bottom 2 layer design that actually works in snow.

Fat Bike 

If you've never heard of a fat bike, then you are truly missing out on a fun filled winter activity that also happens to be great exercise! These bikes don't exactly look like traditional bikes. At first glance, they appear unwieldy, heavy, and a little too chunky. It's easy to wonder who could ever enjoy riding something that cumbersome. 

Somehow their curves have seduced thousands of die-hard biking fans to get off the beaten path at the first sign of snowfall, but what exactly are these bikes? Fat bikes have oversized balloon-like tires that are low pressure making it possible to cruise on soft terrain like snow. You can take your fat-bike and ride groomed single-track trails, frozen lakes, or fresh powder that just blanketed the ground. Wherever you go, you're sure to have an amazing winter adventure on a fat bike. Get one— you'll be glad you did!


Ice Skates 

Ice skating is a traditional favorite that has been enjoyed by kids and adults all around the globe for decades. If you're looking for some winter fun this season, simply grab a pair of good-quality skates, lace-up, and hit the nearest frozen pond or skate park. If you do decide to head to a local pond or lake that has frozen over, be sure it's completely frozen solid and never skate without a buddy. You can check to see if it's safe for skating by simply drilling a hole and using a measuring tape to check the ice's thicknes. The Canadian Red Cross recommends ice be at least 20-25 cm thick for skating. Never skate on ice with open water and steer clear from white or grey ice. 


Hot Cocoa and Holiday Movies

Prefer to stay inside? We don't blame you! Nothing's better than cozying up next to loved ones around a warm fireplace. Make your evening extra special and plan a movie night featuring all the holiday classics. Whip up some delicious hot cocoa with all the fixings like whipped cream, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and of course, candy canes for stirring—yum! Who says you need to go outside for some winter fun? All you need is hot cocoa, holiday movies, a warm crackling fire, and your loved ones for a great time.


Good Booze (Adults Only) 

Nothing screams winter (adult) fun than warming up with a tasty shot of your favorite whisky surrounded by your best pals! Now, we're not saying go and get trashed, but we are saying is that having a good-quality liquor and some fun board games on hand can really make for an awesome night. Want to increase the laughs? Inflate a inflatable FUNBOY ShotSki, which provides a flexible, superior shot-taking experience with your friends as compared to more rigid shotskis, which are prone to spills and broken glass. And we all know spilling your drink is a huge party foul, so this inflatable shotski can really help to minimize this ungodly risk! 

ShotSki | FUNBOY

The inflatable FUNBOY ShotSki is six feet long and has four spaces to hold four shot glasses to supply four tasty shots to four people at once— can we get a "YES PLEASE!" Please always drink responsibly and never consume alcohol while skiing, sledding or swimming. 



Snowshoeing has been around for decades and is a great winter activity for fun in the sun. All you need are some good quality snowshoes and a lot of snow! Snowshoes allow you to travel across snow-covered terrain without sinking or struggling. They do this by providing floatation, meaning they spread your weight evenly over a large, flat surface area. Snowshoeing is the perfect activity for any hiking enthusiast that finds themselves snowed in. With hiking trails beneath feet of snow, snowshoeing allows you to explore and create your own trails, or re-experience your favorite trails and view them in a totally new snowy light. If you haven't given this winter activity a try yet, we highly suggest picking up a pair of snowshoes and set out for adventure in the snow. 

Bonfire Pit

Who doesn't love gathering around a crackling fire and roasting marshmallows as a fun and easy winter activity? If you've got room in the backyard, set up a fire pit, or purchase one from your local home improvement store. Host a bonfire with friends and family and encourage everyone to bring hotdogs, marshmallows, and chestnuts to roast. Set your favorite FUNBOY Retro Lawn Chairs at a safe distance around the fire for comfy seating and set up a table with warm beverages like hot apple cider or cocoa to help beat the chill. 


Final Thought 

For many people, the cold winter months of the year are an absolute drag— but they don’t have to be! All you need are a few items, and you can be on your way to some serious winter fun. Can't get your hands on any of the items listed above? Don't worry— when it comes down to having a blast in the winter, all you really need are warm clothes to keep hypothermia at bay, and all your best pals. There are a ton of fun winter activities like building snowmen, packing snowballs, and creating snow forts that are sure to keep you and your squad laughing for hours on end.  

Sleigh | FUNBOY

Winter is the time for friends and family. It's the holiday season that brings people together to make unforgettable memories, swap stories and share lots of laughs. If you're looking to make this winter season extra special and one to remember, look no further and grab one of the items listed above like a fat bike or an inflatable snowmobile sled. Trust us— you and the whole crew will be glad you did!


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