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FUNBOY x Europe: Kicking back in Capri

August 09, 2017 2 min read


FUNBOY's Travel Guide to Capri

The second stop in FUNBOY's European travels this summer was the Italian paradise of Capri, a chic island known for its rocky cliffs and stunningly blue waters. Capri is no newcomer to the FUNBOY lifestyle -- and in case you didn't already want to pack up your FUNBOYs and hop on the next ferry here, check out some of our top picks for the island, below:



Hotel Punta Tragara

Hotel Punta Tragara- The only thing richer than the vibrant colors of this hotel is its history. First designed by Le Corbusier, this hotel has been a treasured Capri institution for decades. The views, eclectic modern design and location, perfectly situation above Capri's most iconic Beach Club, Fontelina make this hotel a dream  -- just take a look at their luxe modern suites.


Mammà - Enjoy elevated, local Italian ingredients in this airy space for a transcendental dining experience -- did we mention the views? 

Da Paolino - Dine under the umbrella of lemon trees that covers the patio at Da Paolino, and prepare for an elegant feast of classic Capri fare -- now that's amore.  


Fontelina Beach Club

Fontelina Beach Club - This iconic Capri spot is the perfect place to spend all day soaking up that sweet Mediterranean sun. Post up in your own corner of this club's terraced beachfront, cool off in the sea, and sample some of Capri's renowned seafood at lunch in the Fontelina's own restaurant. 

Il Riccio -  Located by the famous Blue Grotto in Ana Capri, this is the perfect place to relax on an all-white terrace and take in beautiful Mediterranean views. Bonus: get lunch at the restaurant here, which has a Michelin star and is sure to impress. 


Anema e Core - Check out this well-loved tavern for classic cocktails and incredible live music, where dancing-on-table always ensues.  

That's all for this FUNBOY x Europe stop, but stay tuned for our next destination -- things are starting to heat up this summer.



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