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Must Have Pool Accessories For The Best Summer Pool Days

October 14, 2020 6 min read

There's arguably no better way to beat the heat than wasting away the days in your cool, refreshing oasis of a pool. The joys of swimming are many as temperatures inch upward over the long days of summer.Swimming laps, lazily drifting on a float, or stretching out on a poolside lounger while sipping on a cold beverage are all great ways to enjoy the pool. But if your pool is in need of an upgrade, look no further and read on to learn how you can take your pool adventure from fun toreally fun! 

Here are the must-have accessories for the best summer pool days:

Inflatable Pool Floats 

If you're an Instagram enthusiast, chances are you've seen countless photos of people floating on agolf cart float, aClear Rainbow Chaise Lounger, and everything in between. But have you seen a majestic golden swan pool float? Or a pool float in the shape of a retro convertible? The internet is flooded with all kinds of fun and whimsical inflatables, but for the best of the best, look no further and check outFUNBOY. Trust us - you'll be glad you did!

Here are some of the coolest inflatable pool floats for you to check out this summer season:

Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger

Chaise loungers are probably the most common pool accessory. And it's easy to see why. These floats provide ultimate relaxation and are ideal for any pool day. But, if you really want to lounge in luxury and enjoy a relaxing experience that is like no other, you need theFUNBOY Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger. This unique inflatable is not only extremely comfortable, but the distinctive tri-color clear design creates a fanciful ombre effect on the water. The extra-thick, smooth, transparent material allows you to see through the chair and into the water - creating a swirl of color hues that will change right before your eyes throughout the day. 

TheFUNBOY Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger, however, is much more than just a pool float. In fact, it is the ultimate pool accessory and can be used to relax poolside. Measuring 70" long with a reinforced cup holder to keep your drink firmly in place, once you give this versatile chaise lounger a try, you'll never want to get off. Yes, it isthat comfortable!

Yacht | FUNBOY

FUNBOY Yacht Float

Set sail in theFUNBOY adult-sized Yacht Float with your best furry pal by your side. Featuring a daybed for two, dual drink holders, and a double reinforced front cooler, this pool float is sure to be a hit.   

Be sure to get the matchingFUNBOY x Bark Yacht Dog Float. This pool accessory is an absolute must for pups that love pool days just as much as you do. Designed with a thick puncture-resistant material, this inflatable is ideal for pups up to 50 pounds. 

Retro Convertible

Beep! Beep! Tell your pals to watch out this summer as you arrive at the pool in style on a Pink Retro Convertible Float. With the wind in your hair and the water on your toes, there's arguably nothing better than this queen-sized daybed float made for two. And the best part? It has a massive front cooler made specifically for ice, drinks, speakers, and more.

Clear Pink Mesh Lounger

Want to enjoy floating on top of the water and keep cool at the same time? FUNBOY's Clear Pink Mesh Lounger can help! This simple yet luxurious float design has a perfectly sculpted shape that will hug your body, giving the feel of laying in a mini-hammock. Coupled with the elongated mesh bottom, you are sure to stay cool while enjoying the sun's rays this summer. It also has a reinforced drink holder for your favorite cold beverage and a soft headrest for ultimate comfort and relaxation. 

Rainbow Cloud

Speaking of daybeds - what if we told you that you could float on top of a snowy cloud beneath a beautiful rainbow? WithFUNBOY's Rainbow Cloud Daybed, you can do just that! This jaw-dropping design features over 50 square feet of lounging paradise and is sure to provide you with your dreamiest summer yet. Pair this unique float with theRainbow Cloud Floating Bar, which includes four cup holders for four friends. Just be sure never to use glass in the pool - plastic only.

Red Lips

This summer, kiss and tell with theFUNBOY Lips Pool Float. Finally, a summer fling that will take you past first base but won't let you down - just remember, no biting allowed! This giant pool float measures over six feet in length and is perfect for carrying you and a friend for some serious poolside relaxation. But don't forget this flirty floats matching inflatable3 Pack Lip Drink Holder - the perfect poolside trio for your cocktail, your beer, or your favorite soda pop. 

Clear Pink Glitter Unicorn

Okay, so chances are you've seen a unicorn or two happily floating in the pool, but have you seen aClear Pink Glitter Unicorn? FUNBOY reinvented the classic unicorn float with a glittery pink remix. This beautifully designed pool float is made from a clear translucent material tinted with millennial pink and is filled with glitter for a wild metallic unicorn floating experience. Who says unicorns don't exist? Definitely not us!

Golden Swan Pool Float

If you want to truly float in luxe style around the pool this summer, look no further and check outFUNBOY's Gold Swan Pool Float. Sexy and flirty, with just the right touch of shine, this regal float is an instant classic.   

Beach Towels 

You can't go to the pool unless you bring a couple ofgreat towels with you! Well, you can, but you might find it a little difficult to get dry. Get yourself a top-quality towel like the ones found atFUNBOY. These towels are not only beautifully designed, but they are oversized to gently wrap around your body to dry off and get warm and cozy. 

Whether placed poolside, on a lounger or worn as a wrap,FUNBOY's Beach Towels are super soft and made with absorbent cotton to dry you off in a matter of seconds. 

Beach Tote

If you're heading to the pool, you're going to need a towel, somesunscreen, your favorite pair of sunnies, and more. Rather than carrying all of these items in your arms - or making your partner carry them - get yourself an irresistiblycute beach tote

Tote bag | FUNBOY

Add some iridescent pizazz to your pool day with theFUNBOY iridescent beach bag. Designed with an iridescent transparent PVC material with a fun canary yellow trim, this bag is ready for chic poolside fun. And the best part? It's large enough to carry all your summer essentials, unlike most totes on the market.  

Lawn Chairs 

When you want to hop out of the pool but aren't exactly ready to put an end to your summer fun, a lawn chair makes for a perfect solution. Continue to soak up the sun and comfortably lounge in aFUNBOY Retro Lawn Chair poolside. Inspired by vintage lawn chair designs, FUNBOY took basic lawn chairs and gave them their own vintage twist. Lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry - the FUNBOY Retro Lawn Chair is the perfect accessory for the best summer pool days. And unlike other lawn chairs on the market, FUNBOY created these chairs to be UV, mold, and mildew resistant. They fold flat for easy storage and come intwo fun retro colors

Water Mist

In the summer, it can get hot - like,really hot.Rather than diving into the pool to get away from the summer heat, cool off withFUNBOY's Aqua Hydrating Water Mist. This powerful yet gentle mist is infused with rosehip and pure water to hydrate and refresh your skin with a constant micro-mist spray. Why use rosehip, you ask? Becauserosehip is rich in antioxidants and has been used as a natural remedy for years to moisturize and calm the skin. Use whenever, where ever - it's always a good time to mist!


A day at the pool is never really complete without a steady supply of cold summer beverages and tasty snacks. Keep the pool party going this summer, and all your friends are properly hydrated with theFUNBOY Tropical Palm Pool Drink Cooler. This oversized inflatable cooler can fit up to 18 cans and three bags of ice - much more than any traditional cooler on the market. 


Don't let summer fly by without FUNBOY in your corner! Whether you want to glide effortlessly on a clear pink mesh lounger, rainbow cloud, or inflatable yacht next to your furry friend or if you'd rather relax on a retro lawn chair chilling poolside while keeping cool with a hydrating mist -FUNBOY'sgot your back.


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