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Sleepover Snacks: What To Feed Everyone at a Slumber Party

December 29, 2022 6 min read

There's no party like a slumber party! Whether you're hosting a bunch of your kiddo's friends for a birthday celebration or getting together with the besties for a fun movie night, sleepovers are the bees-knees — especially when EPIC snacks are involved.

Need some snack inspiration to make the shin-dig an unforgettable success? FUNBOY has you covered. Read on as we explore the best sleepover snacks for a slumber party that's second to none.

How To Throw the Ultimate Slumber Party

Before we dive into the best sleepover munchies, let's first go over a few things to take your slumber party to the next level, shall we? Although there are many ways to throw a sleepover bash, here are some ideas to help make your party planning as easy-peasy and stress-free as possible:

Send Cute Invites

All good parties start with an invitation, so a sleepover party should be no different! Making invites is a great way to narrow down the guest list to get a feel for how many friends you'll be hosting. 

Since this is a slumber party, keep in mind the amount of space that's needed for each guest to have a comfortable spot to snooze. In other words, small guest lists are usually best — unless, of course, you're working with a whole lot of space, then the more, the merrier.

Coordinate Matching Jammies

Want to take a few iconic photos for the gram? Coordinate matching jammies with your pals. This step does require a little communication to see if everyone can get their hands on the same matching set beforehand, but trust us — it's so totally worth it. 

Pro Tip:Can't get the gang on board to invest in matching PJs? Opt for other matching items that are less expensive (think: sleeping masks, socks, slippers, tank tops, and robes). You might all have coordinating items already; in this case, go for color schemes or all wear onesies. 

Plan Lots of Fun Sleepover Activities

When you put a bunch of besties in a room, there's bound to be lots of giggling and a whole lot of antics! Set the stage by planning crafts, games, and other exciting activities (think scavenger hunt, murder mystery, charades, balloon toss, etc.).

Does the party happen to fall on a snow day? Use this golden opportunity to breathe in some fresh air and hit the slopes.

Take your tribe to the local sledding hill for hours of snow tubing fun/ Bring refreshments to keep everyone hydrated and, naturally, a few of your best sleds. Don't have any? Check out our huge inventory of luxe inflatable sleds and snow tubes.

Whether you're looking to race downhill or take a leisurely ride to the bottom, we have a sled for you. And the best part? They're inflatable, meaning you won't waste energy trudging through snow, burdened by what seems like 100 pounds of solid wood, back to the top for another ride. These babies are lightweight, super comfortable, and ready to fly.

Create a Cozy Sleeping Environment

Since sleeping is naturally a part of sleepovers (at some point or another…), it's of the utmost importance to provide a comfy-cozy sleeping space for friends. The living room is an ideal spot since it's likely the largest room in the house, but any open space will do. 

Fill the room with lots of fluffy blankets and pillows to create a warm, snuggly environment. You can even transform your FUNBOY Kiddie Pool into a comfort lounge — simply inflate it, toss in a bunch of cozy linens, and voila!

Traditional sleeping bags are also a fine idea, but if you want to level up your kiddo's slumber party, get your hands on our super snazzy Sleepover Beds. These deliciously cozy air mattresses are like a dream — easy to inflate and a whole lot of fun.

Your kiddos can choose between the Inflatable Pink Convertible Bed or the Inflatable Airplane bed. The flocked material is oh-so-cozy, and the third-party testing ensures it’s tough — maybe even tougher than getting sugared-up third graders to sleep. Now, that’s tough. 

The Best Snacks To Serve at a Slumber Party

Now that we've covered some of the basics to help you plan like a pro, it's time to talk snacks — specifically, sleepover snacks. Although there are many, here are some of our favs to serve at a slumber party:


What's a slumber party or movie night without some yummy popcorn to munch on? Get the mini bags from the grocery store to give each friend their own bag to enjoy. Put together a condiments bar with toppings for a little extra popcorn-pizzazz.

Here are some ideas:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Honey
  • Chocolate bits
  • Parmesan
  • Garlic
  • Sea salt

When it comes to popcorn, the sky's the limit with what you can top it with! Heck, you can even cover it in ranch or BBQ sauce if that tickles your fancy. Just be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand, as things can get a wee bit messy.

Rainbow Strawberries

Move over strawberries dipped in chocolate, and HELLO to strawberries dipped in every color under the sun! Melt different colored candy-coated discs to create a rainbow of color. Feeling crafty? Try your hand at a strawberry unicorn or make a batch of strawberry snowmen.

You could also let your friend's imaginations go wild and have them decorate their own strawberries. Either way, this is a sleepover snack that'll leave your guests begging for more — so plan accordingly with lots of strawberries!

Nutella Puppy Chow

Calling all Nutella lovers — if you have a thing for the hazelnut spread, this sweet treat is for you:

Simply cover and smother your basic Chex mix with Nutella and peanut butter before bathing it in powdered sugar and serve. (Not a safe snack for dogs, no matter how hard they work their puppy dog eyes.)

Mini Sandwiches

These small bites are ready in minutes and can be made with a variety of different ingredients to keep things fun and interesting. Make them ahead of time with turkey, ham, cucumber, romaine lettuce, tomato, and perhaps a dollop of mustard. 

Feelin' fancy? Jazz 'em up with pimento cheese, beets, and arugula. Serve with tea — pinkies up! 

Banana Pops

If you've never tried a frozen banana — you're missing out. These yummy pops are so good your guests won't even realize they're noshing on something healthy. And the best part? They are super easy to make. All you have to do is peel and cut a few bananas before inserting a craft stick into each one. Place them on a tray and freeze. 

Once your 'nanners are perfectly frozen, they are ready to dip in chocolate. Make it a fun activity by allowing each guest to dip their own pop to get just the right amount of chocolate. Set aside some toppings like peanuts, sprinkles, and cereal to sprinkle on top and serve. 

Who says healthy can't taste good?

Honorable Mentions

Need a few more snack ideas? Here are some honorable mentions: 

  • Pretzels
  • Tortilla chips
  • Fresh fruit and veggies (think: fruit tray) 
  • Cheese cubes
  • Muffins
  • Cookies
  • Dips (salsa, artichoke, guacamole, nacho cheese, etc.)
  • Crackers
  • Rice Krispie treats
  • Ice cream — and all the fixin's (hot fudge, whipped cream, caramel, sprinkles)

Don't forget the drinks, as nobody wants to be thirsty during a slumber party. Pair your snacks with some refreshing sleepover staples like soda pop, juice, lemonade, hot cocoa, and classic drinking water. 

Pro Tip:Save yourself from washing a ton of dishes when the party's over by designating a cup for each friend. Bonus points if they can take it home with them as a little memento of the time you spent together.

Go Forth and Snack On

And there you have it, the best sleepover snacks to feed everyone at a slumber party. Whether you're planning a movie night with your gal pals or a birthday celebration for your little one, the ideas listed above are sure to be a hit — especially if the extravaganza happens to fall on a snow day.

From sledding and tubing to building Frosty and throwing snowballs, there's nothing quite like a slumber party that involves some good 'ol fashioned outdoor fun. Just don't forget to have plenty of refreshments on hand to keep those bellies full and happy.

Bonus points if you can stock up on some cool sleds. Not sure where to look? Check out all the different types of sleds at FUNBOY

Whether you've got a need for speed or prefer a slow and steady pace, you can count on us to have the perfect sled to make your slumber party an unforgettable success. 


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