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Float Care Tips

How to Inflate & Care for your Pool Float

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My pool float won't stay inflated.

  • How to inflate and care for your FUNBOY Video HERE
  • The #1 reason a pool float won’t stay inflated is improperly closed air valves. Check to make sure all valves are fully closed and that there is no air leaking from valves. 
  • Fully open the air valve, add additional air and fully close the valve. 
  • Don’t be alarmed if you have to add some additional air after the first few uses. This is the natural stretching of the material that occurs when weight is added or the float absorbs heat from the sun.  Adding air does not mean there is a leak. This simply means the pool float has expanded slightly.

How to patch your pool float

A patch is included in the box of each pool float.

  1. Cut to required size
  2. Thoroughly clean damaged surface and let dry for 10 minutes
  3. Remove vinyl patch from paper backing
  4. Press patch firmly over hole/puncture
  5. Do not inflate for 20 minutes
  6. Repair should be done by an adult
  7. Please keep away from children

Need more patches? Please email our Customer Success Team!

Float Inflation & Set-up:

Step 1: Unfold and lay float on flat surface

Step 2: Fully open air chambers

Step 3: Using inflation device, inflate each chamber:

  • Dual-action valves: Inflate and Deflate in minutes
  • Ensure all dual action valves are open and pulled out of float body
  • Insert black or white (depending on float color) mid-valve into clear valve base. Ensure it is fully inserted.
  • Insert any standard inflation device into the black or white mid-valve, hold firmly and inflate

Step 4: Fully close all air chambers and ensure air valves are depressed into float.

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